On the Bill Buckmaster Show


by David Safier

I had a chance to spend the second half hour of Bill Buckmaster's radio show today talking with him rather than our usual very rushed 15 minutes, which gave us an opportunity to stretch out a bit and touch on a number of issues. We talked about the announced (exploratory) gubernatorial candidacy of one of the Arizonans I love to mock at the same time he scares the hell out of me: Al Melvin. (Cap'n Al is planning to run using Clean Elections money. Al, the man who thinks government should stay out of our lives and certainly not spend a penny that doesn't go for essential services. Maybe he considers himself an essential service, I don't know. Gotta love the guy.) I put in a plug for David Garcia who's exploring a run for Ed Supe and looks like a very strong prospect. Good chance he'll be a guest with Buckmaster soon. Then we discussed my post about creating a second University High campus (I've gotten some interesting positive feedback on the idea. More about that later), and my thoughts about the high student attrition rates at BASIS (posts here and here).

I'll be doing the Blogger Beat segment once a month. It's fun shooting off my mouth — and getting my ideas out in another medium — now and then along with putting fingers to keyboard here at BfA. The show is on line if you're interested.