Payday Paton’s ‘Plan B’ – Viceroy of Tucson

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Former payday lender lobbyist and state senator Jonathan "Payday" Paton had dreams of becoming a congressman, but gross mismanagement of his campaign led to a primary defeat to a political neophyte with no political experience and no social conscience, Jesse Kelly. That's gotta hurt.

Napoleon-015But no worries. The wannabe tinhorn dictator of Tucson had already laid the groundwork for his "Plan B" – being appointed Viceroy of Tucson by the Republican Monarchy of the State of Maricopa.

You see, Payday Paton had rammed two measures through the legislature in 2009-2010 primarily for the benefit of his campaign benefactor, Humberto Lopez (aka HSL Properties), but also that provided him with a "Plan B" if he failed to get elected to Congress.

The first was a law usurping local authority and giving the power of appointment to the Rio Nuevo Board to Maricopa County politicians to appoint their local cronies to the Rio Nuevo Board. Surprise, surprise! It turns out that Payday Paton is to be one of those cronies. Why run for mayor when you can simply be appointed Viceroy of Tucson by the Republican Monarchy of the State of Maricopa?

The second was "Paton's Law" usurping the right of the residents of Tucson to make their own decisions regarding the City of Tucson Charter and local elections, and imposing nonpartisan ward only city elections by an act of the legislature. The legality of "Paton's Law" is still to be determined by the Court of Appeals, which may have factored into Payday Paton's decision not to run for mayor because it will not be a nonpartisan election this year.

The Arizona Daily Star which, if I recall correctly, did not have any problem with Payday Paton's machinations to usurp local authority and to give the power of appointment to the Rio Nuevo Board to Maricopa County politicians because the Daily Star has a jones for Rio Nuevo, reported today that Payday Paton is among 4 placed on Rio Nuevo Board:

Jonathan Paton, the former legislator who helped strip Rio Nuevo from the city, is one of the four new appointees to the Rio Nuevo Board.

Four new Rio Nuevo members have officially been appointed to the board, set up by the Legislature in 2009 and appointed in 2010, Rio Nuevo Board Chairman Jodi Bain said. Three were appointed by the governor, and Paton was appointed by Speaker of the House Kirk Adams.

The four Rio Nuevo Board appointments:

• Paton, the former state legislator and congressional candidate.

• Jeff Hill, a former legislator and owner of Hill & Hill accounting.

• Jannie Cox, the former chief executive officer of the Carondelet Foundation.

• Tim Bathen, owner/broker at Arizona Acquisition Strategies.

Paton was one of the primary legislators behind a bill in 2009 that stripped control of Rio Nuevo from the city because the city had spent $230 million downtown with little to show for it.

What, Rob O'Dell didn't remember to get a glowing quote from Humberto Lopez? (who must be happier than a pig in shit right now).

There are some troubling statements made by Payday Paton, however:

One of the reasons he wants to join the board, Paton said, is the potential of getting state legislation passed that would give the board more power in its relationship with the city.

Despite writing the original legislation, Paton said the power the board has to check on the city is "not as great as it should be."

"It was done in a hurry to get some accountability," Paton said, adding that it could be improved. "There are things in the enabling legislation that need to be changed."

He said the board can be effective, but "part of the problem has been the city has stood in the way of anything happening."

Oh, I see. The Rio Nuevo Board is now to usurp local control and the authority of the duly elected representatives of the City of Tucson Council and Tucson residents by operating as a super-legislature body of the Republican Monarchy of the State of Maricopa. Payday Paton has designs on seving as the Viceroy of Tucson.

Apparently Payday Paton does not understand that the Rio Nuevo Board is a subdivision of city government and is subordinate to the Tucson City Council, it is not the master of the City of Tucson. Cool your jets, Viceroy!

Payday Paton's penchant for authoritarianism is truly disturbing. His relationship with Humberto Lopez is also troubling. But of course, Rob O'Dell only gets paid by the Daily Star to be critical of city council members and is unlikely to follow closely this Board of Viceroys appointed by the Monarchy of the State of Maricopa.

Statehood for Baja Arizona would put an end to this tyranny of colonialism by the State of Maricopa. Baja Arizonans want their freedom and the right of self determination. Who will be our Mahatma Gandhi?

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