Peace activists speak out against the ‘militarization of education’ in Cochise County (video)


Dronesby Pamela Powers Hannley

Fun! Food! Adventure! Smiling young faces!

And killing machines?

The poster pictured here advertises the Aviation Open House at Cochise Community College back in October 2012. The purpose of the open house was to showcase the college's new aviation classrooms, flight simulators, and training facilities. Jobs and education for rural Arizona youth– what could be more wholesome? Unfortunately, the open house also shined a spotlight on the college's cozy (and a bit creepy) relationship with merchant of death and destruction Northrup Grumman— as well as the college's disdain for freedom of speech.

Two local members of Women in Black attempted to protest at the event and were ousted– one for trying to distribute anti-war fliers and the other for posting anti-war fliers around campus. Both women– both teachers– say they were exercising their right to free speech and trying to educate college students about the not-so-rosy side of war and the drones they are being trained to built and fly. More details and a Loneprotestor video after the jump.  

The video below begins poingnantly with clips from a Cochise County Community promo about the new Aviation Center. Friendly corporate giant Northrup Grumman talks about their commitment to the community and how they built and designed the "Innovation Campus" and the curriculum. (How convenient, since Fort Huachucha is a center for drone warfare.) Later the video turns to testimony by the two activists before the college's governing board– where they remind the board of the college's commitment to free speech and lament the glorification of war and the militarization/corporatization of education.

Do you want your children and grandchildren to build and fly killing machines? I don't. 

Aren't there peace-related jobs they can be trained for? Of course. 

Down with drones.

Give peace a chance.



  1. More than 50 countries worldwide have unmanned flying drones– thanks to brisk sales from China and Israel.

    Considering the extent of drone raids conducted by the US government, what is to stop our enemies from giving us a taste of our own medicine? How safe would you feel if dozens of drones descended upon the Cochise County Community College Innovation Campus and started murdering newly trained, future drone pilots?

  2. REALLY? Drones are essential in the progress of military operations — the many drones that are used on the Douglas Campus are UNMANNED — does that mean anything to anyone? Have you actually fought in a war? It is easy to JUDGE and oppose the military functions in a country for any reason when you have no understanding — Nazism/Facists, Communism, oppressors, extremist executions, hostage situations, nuclear war threats — let’s get real people. FYI, I am a female.

  3. Once again, Pamela nails it. Where are the students indeed? Where are the American people & are they Ok with having American soldiers pulling the triggers of the most evil weapon system ever invented. Make no mistake, their is no meaningful difference between that “independent systems operator” in Ft. Huachuca pulling the trigger & you & I pulling it. It’s all done in our name to expand America’s “full spectrum dominance” of world resources. Don’t forget, NG CEO, Wesley G. Bush must do something more than play golf to earn his $26,242,444 (2011)salary. I crossposted Pamela’s article at ( Everyone reading this needs to support in every way possible the critical work Blog for Arizona & Pamela Powers Hannley are doing.

  4. My gawd, could the Cochise Community College governing board be any older, whiter, or maler? Check out the a**hole who takes out his iPad, in full view of everyone, while the teachers are speaking before the board.

    I applaud the teachers for their strength of conviction and for their activism. We desperately need more educators who are willing to do the same.

    But where are the students?

    Thank you so much for this post, Pam.

  5. YAY for a sane voice in this increasingly crazy world! Hooray for the Women In Black protesters, A1 Lone Protester Alison McLeod, and Pam Powers for shining a light on what is happening in higher education! We crave peace. Violence is too expensive! Let’s all stop pretending that drone strikes are doing us any good. Let’s all find our voices and demand peaceful changes from the bottom up and from the top down.

  6. Thank goodness, someone is saying something–I want to be one of those speaking out. Cochise College is no longer welcome at the Bisbee Farmers’ Market–unfortunately it hurts the artists, but I’m sickened by the acceptance of teaching remote killing at our local college!! Laura Smith, Mgr. Bisbee Farmers’ Market