Pelosi’s Campaign Slogan “Democrats Deliver” Makes Sense in 2022 and Beyond

Apparently for some inexplicable reason, Democratic leaders are still having difficulty crafting an effective slogan and message to appeal to both base and independent voters in 2022.

I have written on this several times as has Michael Bryan in his prescription for the Grand Canyon State: “Make Arizona Better.”

In the latest squabble among national leaders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested “Democrats Deliver.”

What could be more simple and accurate than that.

As Washington Post Columnist Jennifer Rubin stated in a March 14 piece, it has a bumper sticker quality to it.

Which party delivered health care reform?


Which party is the one that has the better job creation record over the last century?


Which party is the one that just reduced Child Poverty in half with no Republican support?


Which party is the one that wants to deliver on voting rights and election reform?


Which party has passed taxation provisions that favor the middle and lower classes?


Which party is the one that oversaw the COVID 19 vaccination program (again with virtually no Republican support?)


Which party is the one where all their members believe in climate change and favor clean energy alternatives to replace fossil fuels?


Democrats do deliver for all the American People.

Can the same be said about the former Party of Lincoln?

As Rubin concluded in her column.

“Democrats need to get back to a fundamental message: When in power, they make government work for ordinary people and defend American values (democracy, opportunity, fairness, playing by the rules). They solve real problems. When Republicans are in power, they create division, conflict and chaos. They are not on your side. That’s it. A simple dichotomy.”

It really is that simple.

Democratic leaders need to shift their messaging game into high gear.

With a Republican Party in total subservience to the ex Fascist-Twice Impeached-KKK endorsed and Popular Vote Losing former occupant of the Oval Office and supporting every far right public policy position in known memory, Democrats have a golden opportunity to turn history on its face and make gains in November, 2022.

They can not blow it.

They have to deliver and convince the voters to turn out.

The future of Democracy and the promise that is the American Dream is at stake.


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