Petulant Accidental Governor tries to cancel border governors conference

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Our Accidental Governor is behaving like a petulant two year old throwing a temper tantrum. Brewer unilaterally canceled next month's meeting of 10 border governors, which had been scheduled for Arizona. (The location of the annual event of both government and business leaders rotates from year to year, and this year is Arizona's turn).

Who died and made her queen?

Brewer pulled the plug last week after the six Mexican governors who are part of the 10-member organization refused to come to Arizona after state passage of the SB 1070 immigration law. 2 governors want to move meeting Brewer canceled:

"SB 1070 is discriminatory, racist and violates the International Civil Rights Agreement established in 1976," Chihuahua Gov. Jose Reyes Baeza Terrazas wrote in one of the letters sent to Brewer.

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The governors of two other U.S. states said they want the annual meeting to go on, but not in Arizona. Aides to both Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democrat Bill Richardson said the conferences are too important to be disrupted by political fallout from Arizona's new law aimed at illegal immigrants.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said through a press aide that he would be willing to attend a relocated border governors conference.

The move left Brewer disappointed.

"I would have liked to believe that they would have shown support for the governor of Arizona and for the people of Arizona," Brewer said, adding that she wasn't sure if she would attend a relocated conference. "I'd have to look at my schedule," she said.


Well call the wahmbulance! Gov. Brewer has her panties all in a twist because her fellow governors don't support her demagoguery on immigration as her election strategy.

New Mexico's Richardson made the first move by proposing that the conference be moved. He said Brewer has no authority to pull the plug on the meeting.

"She may not want to host it for political reasons," said Richardson press coordinator Caitlin Kelleher.

"But that's not a reason to sidestep the tough issues that border governors must address, including migration and border violence," Kelleher continued. She said Richardson "will look for alternative sites to host the conference, with or without Arizona's participation."

Schwarzenegger said he felt Brewer made a bad move. "He definitely believes that the conference is a valuable forum," said his spokesman, Francisco Castillo.

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[Brewer's] stance has put her at odds with the other three border governors on the U.S. side.

Perry said he recognizes and supports a state's right and obligation to protect its citizens, "but I have concerns with portions of the law," including turning law enforcement officers into immigration officials, he said in a statement.

Richardson issued a statement after the law was signed calling it "a reprehensible law that's going to lead to racial profiling."

Castillo said Schwarzenegger, of California, does not support the Arizona law and believes the only real solution is a comprehensive federal immigration policy.

Arizona's "big cheese" stands alone.

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  1. Jan Brewer manages to embarrass herself all by her little lonesome. The conference is not about her. The conference is an opportunity for the governors of border states to discuss intergovernmental agreements and common interests from economic development and trade to joint crime task forces to immigration. Just because Jan Brewer wants to run for governor on demonizing immigrants from Mexico is no excuse to cancel a conference that has proven to be a success for inter-governmental cooperation and agreements over the years.

  2. What’s the problem? All the Mexican governurs canceled leaving four US govs in attendance, all of which are anti SSB 1070 and would like nothing better to do than embarass our Gov. Why spend the money? What would be accomplished, I’m no fan of Jan’s but she did the right thing.