Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego touted Phoenix Infrastructure’s achievements and ambitions during a brief presentation to Accelerator for America Action, an advocacy group for the Bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Act and founder of Infrastructure Week.

In the presentation, Mayor Gallego started by saying “infrastructure works for Phoenix,” noting how the fifth largest city in the nation is now referred to as “the Electric Valley or the new Motor City because of our investments in the electric vehicle area.”

The Mayor continued her comments, offering:

“We’re number three for (EV) adoption. We’re looking at 280,000 EVs on the road in Phoenix by 2030 which helps us be a more sustainable city with better air quality. It’s also fueling a lot of innovation and jobs, helping our economy. We’ve had great partners along the way and in so many areas on infrastructure. The Infrastructure and Jobs Act has delivered big for the City of Phoenix whether it’s improving our fleet of buses, including no and low emission investments, or the $25 million R.A.I.S.E. Grant we just received. Secretary Buttigieg was in Phoenix last week to help us reimagine our riverfront with an amazing path investment as well as bridge connectivity to unite our city. It’s building a better Phoenix. We’re so pleased to be part of the amazing innovation happening in infrastructure. Infrastructure works for Phoenix.”

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