The race to succeed Arizona House Congressional District (CD) Three Representative Ruben Gallego (who is running for the United States Senate) is going to be a very competitive event…

Phoenix Vice Mayor and AZ CD Three Congressional Candidate Yassamin Ansari

…for the Democrats looking to secure the nomination.

One of the hopefuls looking to prevail in the primary and probably win a seat in the House of Representatives in November 2024 is Phoenix Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari.

The youngest woman ever elected to the Phoenix City Council and voted by that same body to become Vice Mayor last January, Miss Ansari has tirelessly worked these last two years to move her district in the fifth largest city in the country forward and lift Phoenicians up.




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Among the causes she has advanced since taking her Council seat are:

  • Helping to secure a green sustainable future for Phoenix and its surrounding areas. The Vice Mayor has been a leader in formulating the City Climate and Electrification Plans.
  • Helping launch, with American Rescue Plan Dollars, the Phoenix Promise Program, a college scholarship program through Maricopa County Community Colleges.
  • Knocking on doors to make sure people scheduled their COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • Working to solve the long-term water supply access issues in the area.
  • Banning income discrimination in the city.
  • Providing affordable housing and stemming the homeless crisis.
  • Helping expand the Community Assistance Program.
  • Helping to formulate the Vision Zero Road Safety Action Plan.

From Ansari for Congress Campaign.

Vice Mayor Ansari wants to take the leadership vision and experience she has developed on the Phoenix City Council and apply those talents as the next Representative from Arizona CD Three in Congress.

When she declared her candidacy earlier this month, the Vice Mayor spoke of being the people’s champion for a better life and sustainable future while fighting against the political and corporate forces of corruption, stating:

“The people I currently represent in Arizona’s third district are honest, hardworking, and deserve a level playing field. They understand the damning effect of inaction and they don’t have the luxury of waiting for incremental change. From my time serving as a policy advisor at the United Nations to my current role on the Phoenix City Council, I’ve committed my life to take on corporate polluters, corrupt special interests, and tired, ineffective policies. And with Republican extremists’ attacks on democracy, immigrants, reproductive freedom, and working families, the people of Phoenix and Glendale need a fighter who will bring about real change. At this critical juncture, our community deserves someone who understands the urgency of the moment and will get things done. That’s why I’m running for Congress.”

She also released this announcement video on social media.

Vice Mayor Ansari graciously took the time to respond to questions about her campaign for the Arizona House CD Three Seat.

The questions and her responses are below.

From Yassamin Ansari’s social media.

1) Please tell the voters at least three reasons they should vote for you over any Democrat or Republican for the CD Three Arizona House Seat.

“As the youngest woman ever elected to Phoenix City Council, I have already fought for reproductive rights, spearheaded Phoenix’s first Climate Action Plan, and secured millions in free tuition for students. From my time serving as a climate advisor at the United Nations, to my work helping to deliver the historic Paris Climate Agreement and several global climate action summits, I’ve made a career of going head-to-head with corporate polluters, corrupt special interests, and tired, ineffective policies. At this moment, Arizona needs a leader who understands the urgency of the moment and gets things done. I am that leader.”

“I also understand that representation is about listening to the community and making sure you’re surrounding yourself with people in the community so that their experiences and challenges are represented in the legislation I respond with. And I have earnestly done that while on the Phoenix City Council, and will continue to do so when elected to Congress.”

From Yassamin Ansari’s Social Media.

2) Please advise what are at least three main issues, at this time, in this House race. Please explain.

“As a Phoenix City Councilwoman and Vice Mayor, I already represent many of the Congressional District Three residents. They are honest, hardworking, and deserve a level playing field. They know, firsthand, the damning effect of inaction and they don’t have the luxury of waiting for incremental change.
In engaging with District Three residents at their doors, through mobile office hours and community events, I’ve learned what is most important to them is that good jobs with livable wages are available so they can compete with the rise in living costs.

Relatedly, the housing and homelessness crisis is top of mind for residents, and as a city leader, I have been at the forefront of solutions and will continue to be in Congress.”

From Yassamin Ansari’s social media.

With gun violence in our schools and fentanyl ravaging our communities, I also hear residents’ concerns about keeping our schools and neighborhoods safe.

But the inflation crisis is also crushing families and small businesses, the climate crisis means clean air and water are at risk, and women’s rights are being stripped away. And Republicans in Congress aren’t helping. In fact, they’re working against us: Letting the Child Tax Credit expire, voting against lower prescription drug prices, and now they’re threatening Social Security and Medicare. Working families deserve a progressive fighter who can deliver more affordable housing, good jobs, Medicare for All, and clean air and water.

From Yassamin Ansari’s social media.

3) Please describe your campaign strategy to reach voters, including Independents and disaffected Republicans.

“The Congressional District Three race will first be determined in a competitive Democratic primary election. As a result, our campaign will be focused on reaching and mobilizing Democratic primary voters. And like in my prior campaign where we knocked on over 100,000 doors as a team, our campaign will make going neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street, and door by door to communicate with voters the backbone of our campaign. To that end, we will energize and engage with our younger generation and those across our diverse district to power our campaign and communicate our message. This message will be that our district and our nation don’t have the luxury of waiting for change and meaningful action. The time is now, the need is great, and I feel the same urgency Arizona families do. That’s why I’m running for Congress – because it’s time for action, right now.”

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