Please Remember To Vote In November

With early ballots arriving in the mail the next couple of days, please consider the below points when deciding whether or not to vote this election.

If you think we can do better than one in four children in Arizona living in poverty, then vote in November.

If you think we can do better than being near the bottom in the nation in education funding, then vote in November.

If you agree with Gubernatorial Candidate David Garcia that “no one should be left behind,” then vote in November.

If you agree with Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidate Kathy Hoffman that the “future of Arizona is in our schools,” then vote in November.

If you agree with Attorney General Candidate January Contreras that public service should be about the “little guy and democracy” and the people, especially the most vulnerable (like those with pre-existing health conditions), need to be protected, then vote in November.

If you agree with Treasurer Candidate Mark Manoil that local and state Arizona economic development would be better served with local community banks than Wall Street banks, then vote in November.

If you agree with Mining Inspector Candidate Bill Pierce that uranium should not be mined for in the Grand Canyon where any contamination into the Colorado River would make that water undrinkable for millions of citizens across several states, then vote in November.

If you want Arizona to be the solar capital of the country and greater utility investments steered towards solar, water, and wind like Corporation Commission Candidate Kiana Sears, then vote in November.

If you want the stench of Dark Money removed from the public arena as most of the Democratic local and state candidates want, then vote in November.

If you want public servants like this year’s Democratic candidates that listen to their constituents and show up to public forums and debates, then vote in November.

If you want our borders secured, like our Democratic candidates want, with smart technology and smart policies geared towards capturing criminals, drug dealers, and human traffickers, then vote in November.

If you want all civil rights protected, including the right for women to choose and the newly recognized rights for members of the LGBTQ community, then vote this November.

All elections are important. The 2018 elections may be more so because if the forces of reaction, intolerance, and backwardness are allowed to prevail, it may be a long time before we recover.

Please Remember To Vote In November.








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2 thoughts on “Please Remember To Vote In November”

  1. Voter apathy and the large # of unregistered voters in the U.S. continues to surprise me. Seems like many women don’t remember what hardships women suffragists had to endure to get the 19th Amendment passed and ratified back in 1920. Lots of us have voted in every General Election once we turned 18, but many people don’t feel it necessary or don’t know how important it is. There is a big effort to GOTV by Nov. 6, 2018, but will it be enough?

  2. With all the facts out there, there is still a large percentage of registered voters that ‘look like a deer in the headlights’ when we knock on their door while canvassing to make sure they know about the election and the propositions. They aren’t in our activist bubble & aren’t following the election at all. We need help w/GOTV! We need every concerned AZ Citizen, who understands how important this election is, to connect with a campaign, a grassroots group…any group that is ‘walking their talk’. Make a commitment to reach out to 50 voters between now and next Sunday. In 2 hours this week, we covered nearly 40 homes…many were locked gates where we left notes and we spoke to people at approx 20 doors. The most important: When you go, remember that we have one opportunity to inspire this voter to vote..make it real! Let them know why you are at their door. Make sure they understand all the candidates…ALL…that you are hoping they will vote for. Bring a full copy of ALL the statewide propositions and a quick Cheat Sheet on (not addressing Prop 125 here) NO on 126, Yes 127, NO 305, NO 306. Ask them if they have any questions. Ask them if they understand that the PEVL will be arriving in their mailbox (if they are on the PEVL). Ask them if they need a ride to the polls. Ask them if they would like to help you in their neighborhood..or if they know someone who is the go-to person in their neighborhood that can help you reach the rest of the voters (this is especially important in neighborhoods with lots of dogs and gates) and then thank them for participating.

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