Biden Calls on Americans to Support the Democracy the Brave and Fallen who landed in Normandy in 1944 Fought to Protect

Hours after 34 time convicted Donald ‘I want to be dictator for a day’ Trump was pondering how he would exact revenge and retribution on his political opponents in an interview with Dr. Phil, President Joe Biden was being, well, Presidential, in delivering a speech at the Pointe Du Hoc in Normandy, France that highlighted the American Ideal and Democratic System.

His second speech in two days to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of the Allied landings on Normandy on June 6, 1944, President Biden, unlike his 34 times convicted and disgraced predecessor who has branded dead soldiers “suckers” and “losers,” honored the brave and fallen who fought that day on the beaches of Normandy and scaled the hills at Pointe Du Huc to defeat Nazi forces in the quest to liberate Western Europe from totalitarian tyranny.

It was a speech that was on the level of a Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Hubert Humphrey, and Ronald Reagan.

The President saluted the heroism of Private John Wardell, one of the few surviving men who took part in D-DAY, saying .

“John is here We love you man. Thank you for all you’ve done. Just 18 years old. He deployed to this clip to replace the surviving Rangers on that D-Day invasion.”

Mr. Biden then linked the soldiers bravery and sacrifices that day to protect Democracy and defeat tyranny to the present day challenges to the American Ideal by Trumpist-MAGA forces both in the United States and with like-minded Authoritarian and Anti-Democratic Forces around the world.

Among Mr. Biden’s comments were:

We talk about democracy. American democracy. We often talk about the ideals of life liberty pursuit of happiness. But we don’t talk about is how hard it is. “

American Democracy asks the hardest of things To believe that we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. So Democracy begins with each of us. (In a veiled swipe at Trump) Begins when one person decides there’s something more important than themselves. When they decide the person they’re serving alongside of is someone to look after When they decide the mission matters more than their life (Another veiled swipe at Tump.) When to decide that the country matters more than they do.”

“That’s what the Rangers and Pointe Du Hoc did… Because of them, the war turned. They stood against Hitler’s aggression.”

Does anyone doubt that they (the soldiers who landed in Normandy in 1944) would want America to stand up against Putin’s aggression here in Europe today. They stormed the beaches alongside their Allies. Does anyone believe these Rangers who want America to go alone (isolationism; another veiled swipe at Trump and MAGA) today?”

“They fought to vanquish a hateful ideology in the 30s and 40s. Does anyone doubt they wouldn’t move Heaven and Earth to vanquish hateful ideologies of today. These Rangers put mission and country above themselves. Does anyone believe they would expect any less from every American today.

“…They believed America was a beacon of the world. I’m certain they believed that it would be that way forever…History has shown that ordinary Americans can do extraordinary things when challenged. There’s no better example of that entire world and right here at Pointe Du Hoc.”

“As we Gather here today It’s not just to honor those who showed such remarkable bravery on that day, June 6th 1944. It’s to listen to the echoes of their voices. To hear them because they are summoning us and they’re summoning us now. They asked us. What will we do? They’re not asking us to scale these cliffs. But they’re asking us to stay true to what America stands for. They’re not asking us to give or risk our lives. But there are asking us to care for others in our country more than ourselves (another swipe at Trump.) They’re not asking us to do their job. They’re asking us to do our job. To protect freedom in our time. To defend Democracy. Stand up to aggression abroad and at home. To be part of something bigger than ourselves.”

“My fellow Americans I refuse to believe I simply refuse to believe that America’s greatness is a thing of the past. I still believe there’s nothing beyond our capacity in America when we act together.”

“We’re the fortunate heirs of the legacy of these Heroes. Those who scaled the cliffs at Pointe Du Hoc who also are the keepers of their mission? The keepers of their mission that bears the flame of Freedom that they kept Burning Bright. That is the truest testimonial to their lives. Our actions every day ensure that our Democracy endures. Our nation endures to come here simply to remember The ghosts at Pointe Du Hoc isn’t enough. We have need to hear them. We have to listen to them. We need to listen to what they had. We need to make the solemn vow to never let them down.”

“God bless the Fallen. God bless the brave men who scaled these cliffs. May God protect our troops. God Bless America.”

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