Part Two: President Biden Launches Latinos For Biden and Celebrates the Benefits of the CHIPS Act for Arizona and the Country

Photo from David Gordon

On President Biden’s second day in Arizona, he journeyed to the South Chandler Intel Facility to announce that the chip company will be receiving an $8.5 billion grant from the CHIPS Act to develop technologically advanced computer chips that will meet the commercial needs of the American People and the national security mission of the nation.

Secretary Raimondo, Governor Hobbs, Mayor Gallego, Mayor Hartke, and Representative Stanton Speak Before The President.

Before the President addressed the announcement event, several state, federal, and local leaders, along with Intel’s leading executives spoke to the attendees about the benefits of the CHIPS Act for the United States and the world.

As the Intel facility is in Southern Chandler, Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke welcomed everyone first to the ceremony, calling his city one of “innovation” that is safe, clean, and prosperous that provides opportunities for “great access to education job training and inspirational opportunities to attain the American dream.” He further stated that “Chandler in the Valley of the Sun has a vast and unique ecosystem of semiconductor manufacturing and technology companies unparalleled by any region in the world.”

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs spoke next and thanked everyone involved with bringing this high-tech investment into Arizona including the Grand Canyon state’s local, state, and federal public servants along with the partners in the technological industry like the leaders of Intel.

The Governor emphasized the future in her remarks, stating:

“With this critical CHIPS Investment Act, Intel is solidifying its place as a leader in advanced manufacturing continuing to fuel our state’s success. They are signaling to the rest of the world that Arizona is the place to invest in these critical technologies and that Arizona is the choice to build the economy of the future. This is just the beginning of decades of continued success and Innovation that is happening here in the Silicon desert.”

The Governor later posted on social media:

Representative Greg Stanton followed the Governor and started off by saying “What a great day for Chandler, the East Valley, and all of Arizona. Look around. Look how far we have come back in 1980 when this was still a small farming town…”

Mr. Stanton then described how Arizona became this hotbed of technological investment and innovation, stating:

“Our state of Arizona is leading the country in job growth in Tech Advanced Manufacturing. It is one of the greatest economic comeback stories and none of it happened by accident. Republicans and Democrats at every level of government working together. We worked with a shared vision for the kind of economy we want here in Arizona. Investment in higher education. The investment in the biosciences and STEM. We focused on attracting startups and entrepreneurs and we made sure we had the critical infrastructure particularly water infrastructure to grow quickly and sustainably. That’s why water is such a big part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. It takes a lot of water to run these plants and I’ve worked closely with Intel and Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke to invest federal dollars in Water Reclamation recycling every drop used here at Intel because good water planning and good Economic Development are one in the same here in Arizona, but to really put Arizona and America on the path to success to Secure our supply chain to compete and win at on the global stage. We needed a once-in-a-generation Strategic investment. And that is the CHIPS and Science Act.”

The Representative also posted on social media:

Stanton’s successor as Phoenix Mayor, Kate Gallego, spoke next and immediately commented that the “Chips Act is making an incredible difference in the state of Arizona. We’re importing jobs and exporting high-tech Goods.”

She also praised President Biden, saying “It’s a pleasure to welcome President Biden back to the Metro Phoenix region, especially on such a historic day. Today stands for as a great example of how the President is delivering for our country and specifically for the Valley of the Sun.”

The Mayor then relayed how Biden/Harris policies and legislative achievements such as creating workplace hubs and tuition assistance for blue and green-collar studies at college have positively affected the economic outlook for the people who live and work in the fifth largest city in the country, noting that:

“It makes such a difference for my city when the Carpenters are hiring people who deserve a second chance. My city is safer. When I meet with the local sheet metal workers and they tell me they’re buying the building next door to train more apprentices. It helps Revitalize neighborhoods CHIPS is making a difference in so many different ways building a foundation so that families can grow our economy from the middle out and bottom up just as the President envisions. With today’s investment and so many more on the way. I know that more of these stories will come to light. I can’t wait to hear them and to tell them and it’s not just today…This is transforming Phoenix in Arizona. It makes me proud both as a Valley Mayor and as Chair of our Region’s Government Association. So much promise ahead. Let’s continue this.”

Later, she posted on social media:

United States Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo was the last public servant to speak before the President. On Mr. Biden, she said that “he is obsessed. Revitalizing American manufacturing. He believes it deep in his bones. What he says he says ‘I’m tired of being at the end of the supply chain. I’m tired of just buying things that we import from other countries. I want to make more in the United States of America.'”

The Secretary also praised Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger for being an “extraordinary CEO at the helm with his team. Thank you for your vision and thank you for your commitment to America.”

On the advances in chip development and technology, the CHIPS Act will bring, the Secretary told the audience that:

It’s a watershed moment…Today we say we’re changing the course. We are changing that course and we’re beginning a new course to revitalize the semiconductor industry and Industry that was started in the United States of America and we’re going to lead again in the United States of America including making the best chips in the world with American workers in the United States of America. And by the way, the best part in the process of doing that will make our country stronger. We’ll make ourselves less dependent on a couple of companies far away in Asia We’ll make sure we have the chips we need for AI National Security weapons defense systems, but the best part of it all we will create tens of thousands of high-paying family-supporting jobs for American workers. I want to thank Intel I want to thank all the workers here. It’s today when we look back 10 years from now. We’ll remember today is a day we made America safer. We make our supply chains more secure and will ensure that the future is here in the United States? So thank you to my own team who work day and night on the CHIPS Act. Thank you most of all to the President for getting the CHIPS Act passed. The CHIPS Act is protecting our economic and national security and all of you here today. You’re part of that American story. Thank you.”

The Secretary, with the President, later toured the Intel facility, posting:

In his Address, President Biden Talked About Investing in America and All Americans

Photo from David Gordon

Entering with Hail to the Chief playing in the background and an ovation from the invited guests, President Biden first thanked all the political and Intel leaders that helped pass the CHIPS Act (like Representative Stanton and Senator Mark Kelly) and are implementing its provisions (like Mayors Gallego and Hartke.)

On the new $8.5 billion grant to Intel the President and Secretary Raimondo announced today, Mr. Biden said:

“I’m thrilled to announce the latest public-private partnership and one of the largest investments in semiconductors in the United States ever. A new landmark agreement under the CHIPS and Science Act between my Administration and Intel for up to 8.5 billion dollars. Smart investment That’s being paired with over $100 billion from Intel including $30 billion in Arizona and $30 billion in Ohio. It’s among the largest private sector investments ever in the history of Ohio and Arizona. This historic funding will be used to build new semiconductor facilities and modernize and expand existing ones in Arizona, Ohio, New Mexico, and Oregon. Combined it will create nearly 20,000 construction jobs many of which will be union jobs. And I made a real clear. Everybody has the right to organize and to have their labor rights protected…(The CHIPS Legislation) also supports 10,000 manufacturing jobs; 3,000 right here in Phoenix with salaries averaging over a hundred thousand dollars a year and (they)don’t all require college degrees. That’s a change.”

“For the first time in a long time, facilities won’t just manufacture regular semiconductors. They’re going to once again begin to make the most sophisticated advanced and powerful leading-edge chips. Each chip has this… it blows my mind and has truly trillions of tiny features. The width of a strand of human DNA. 44000 times thinner than a single human hair that requires manufacturing precision down to the size of a single app. The process is enormous and requires enormous amounts of information and light with lightning speed. And it is critical to emerging technologies that are going to power the future economy, like artificial intelligence and communications. Make everything faster and lighter smaller and more reliable. Folks it’s about time.”

On the importance of America regaining its manufacturing edge in the high-tech sector, Mr. Biden said:

“Folks it’s about time. Even though we invented the most advanced chips, we make 0% of them a day 0% of those advanced. Manufacturing of leading-edge chips across the entire industry moved overseas to Asia years ago. That’s why today’s investment is such a big deal. We will enable Advanced semiconductor manufacturing to make a comeback here in America after 40 years.”

Photo from David Gordon.

The President then segued into discussing his Invest in America-Lift Up the Poor-Expand the Middle-Class agenda and how it compared to the trickle-down-ship jobs overseas worldview of Donald Trump and most of the other MAGA-Republicans.

First, Mr Biden touted some of the positive results of his Invest in America Agenda.

“It’s all part of my Investing in America agenda which has attracted 675 billion dollars in private sector Investments and ignited a manufacturing boom in America. A clean energy boom all here in America finally. Since I took office America’s had the strongest growth of any major economy in the world. 15 million new jobs. The longest stretch of unemployment is under four percent in 50 years. Growth is strong. Wages are up more than prices. Inflation is down dramatically. We have more to do. I get it we have more to do but there is no question our plan of delivering for the American people is working now. But since I came to office, here in Arizona because of your investment in the American agenda, we’ve deployed and developed nearly eight billion dollars in federal funds to upgrade infrastructure and clean energy right here in Arizona. We’ve created 300 thousand new jobs. Let me say that again in Arizona 300,000 new jobs.”

The President also discussed his Prescription Drug Program and how it is reducing the cost of medicine like insulin for seniors in Arizona and across the country while also reducing the deficit because Medicare does not have to pay as much in drug costs.

He then contrasted his economic prescription for the country with Trump’s stating:

“It’s all part of my economic vision for this country. I am determined that I was going to build the economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top down. Because when you do that, the poor have a ladder up, the middle class does well, and the wealthy still do very well. Let’s be clear. That’s because it’s a fundamental break from the trickle-down economics supercharged by my predecessor. On his watch, American jobs (were shipped) overseas for cheaper labor and important products. We’re creating jobs in America and supporting American Products.”

My predecessor his allies in Congress want to go back. In fact, the vast majority of the team on the other side of my Republican friends didn’t vote for the CHIPS and Science Act…Now they’re trying to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act, the most significant action ever on climate that’s going to create hundreds of thousands of jobs many of them in their own states, particularly in states like Arizona.”

“Bottom line…Folks I promise you America. Today’s investment helps all Americans in red states and blue States all across America Urban rural suburban and tribal communities. We’re not leaving anyone behind… If we invented it in America. It should be made in America and include all of America.

“Folks, let me close with this. I’ve been determined to make things in this country again. To build manufacturing capacity as I said, we’ve created over 800,000 manufacturing jobs and we’re still counting. To make sure we never again in a position during the pandemic, we’re relying on other countries to make things that we badly need here at home to be able to go forward…Some folks didn’t believe we can do this but I’ve made no bones about it. I said for a long time and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, if we invest in America, we can change the country’s future and lead the world again. We are leading the world again. We’re proving that’s never been a good bet to bet against America…PossibilitiesThere’s nothing beyond our capacity. I’ve never been more optimistic about our future. Just have to remember who in the hell we are. We’re the United States of America and there’s nothing beyond our capacity when we work together.”

Later the President’s team posted on social media:

In a Biden for Arizona Press Release, Coordinated Manager Sean McEnerney wrote:

“After Trump failed to lead, President Biden’s investments in chip manufacturing have transformed Arizona’s economy and created thousands of good-paying jobs across our state. Arizonans know that Joe Biden and Democrats will keep working to bring more investments and jobs here, unlike Trump who just helped billionaires get richer while screwing over workers.”

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