The 31 Member Republican House Freedom Caucus embraces many positions.

Unfortunately, most of them have nothing to do with freedom.

This clique, spawn from the elements of the Tea Party Movement, is a largely anti-government obstructionist movement who has adopted fairly reactionary stances towards moving the nation forward.

Be it areas like health care, immigration reform, or more money for education and infrastructure, the members of the Freedom Caucus largely oppose any measure to make life better for the American People.

Theirs is the cause of turning the country backward, not advancing freedom.

Not surprisingly, three of Arizona’s most conservative Representatives (Congressional District Eight’s Debbie Lesko, Congressional District Five’s Andy Biggs, and Congressional District Four’s Paul Gosar) are members of this assemblage.

Last week, showing the same wisdom that they have demonstrated towards public policy, the Freedom Caucus announced that Andy Biggs will become the next Chairman of the group.

This is the same Andy Biggs who:

  • Voted against more monies for the victims of 9/11. He has also voted against budget increases for other first responders.
  • Speaks at gatherings where white supremacists and Anti Semites are present.
  • Voted against supporting N.A.T.O.
  • Opposed the Secure American Elections Act.
  • Voted against the Consumer First Act.
  • Opposed the Equality Act.
  • Voted against the renewal of the Violence Against Woman Act.
  • Opposed the Paycheck Fairness Act.
  • Voted against various measures to protect the environment.
  • Opposed bills to raise money for social justice programs.

How is this the record of a leader who believes in freedom and the American Dream?

Joan Greene, Bigg’s Democratic opponent in 2018 and again in 2020, on hearing of her opponent’s elevation to Freedom Caucus Chairman, wrote that:

Joan Greene

“When my opponent Andy Biggs was named, Chairman of the Freedom Caucus the first thing I thought was ‘Who cares? Does this mean he receives the key to the good bathroom?’ The Freedom Caucus is held in low esteem with 88% of the Republican members in Congress. The moderate and conservative members of the Republican Party want nothing to do with the toxic, obstructionism and the modern-day Klan ideology that exude from the Freedom Caucus members of this club. Being a part of the Freedom Caucus means you are against America and America’s Values. Nothing will change with this ‘title’. Andy will continue to do what he always does, except now he has 30 other people he can boss around. They will:

• Continue to not uphold the rule of law or the Constitution

• Continue to raise the deficit and allow it to increase daily

• Continue to vote against our military families and first responders

• Continue to chip away at our families opportunities to achieve their American Dream

• Destroy our environment

• Take away Healthcare, Social Security and Medicare

• Put our Nation in danger

• Continue to submit legislation that is clearly pay-to-play.

I am running for Congress, not for ‘titles’ but to work for the people in Arizona’s Fifth District, Arizona and the United States of America. Join me and put Country Before Party.”

The elevation of Biggs to a prominent leadership position is another example of how far to the fringe the Republican Party has shifted.

Voters need to realize this and turn these reactionaries away at the polls on November 2020 in Arizona and across the country