Rep. Andrea Dalessandro’s letter to Congress objecting to the closure of Tucson’s Cherrybell Mail Processing Center


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Rep. Andrea Dalessandro is the sponsor of House Concurrent Memorial HCM 2007 to urge the Arizona House to send a letter of protest to Congress to the
proposed closing of Tucson's Cherrybell Mail Processing Center. It is
located in her Legislative District 2.

HCM 2007 is on the Committee on Government agenda for Tuesday, February 19 at 2:00 p.m., Room HHR 4. Rep. Dalessandro requests that you submit your public comments to the committee members in support of HCM 2007.

Rep. Dalessandro's letter to Committee Chair Rep. Michelle Ugenti is below the fold.

Representative Ugenti,

purpose of the letter is to explain the reason that I offer

Cherrybell; mail processing center

for your consideration.

Constitution of the United States

before Amendments
the formation of the Post Office under
I, Section 8

with the words "
establish Post Offices and post Roads

Cherrybell Mail Processing is in my Legislative District 2 in Tucson.
Legislative District 2 includes Davis Monthan Air Force Base, parts
of Tucson, the City of South Tucson, Green Valley, Sahuarita and all
of Santa Cruz County, including Nogales.

to the Department of Defense, the United States Post Office, employs
more veterans
than any other entity. The first step to job growth is to keep the
jobs that we have already.

the proposed closing were to go forward, all mail from southern
Arizona would travel to Phoenix and most of it would then travel back
to southern Arizona via trucks. Fuel prices will rise and our roads
will have added wear and tear in a time when funds are insufficient
for maintaining our infrastructure.

will be delayed one or two days and rural areas will be especially
hard hit in Pima, Santa Cruz and Cochise County where Fort Huachuca
is located.

areas of concern are the delays with Permanent Early Voter List
ballots, legal documents and especially prescriptions to the many
elderly and disabled veterans who live in southern Arizona.

the progression of Postal closings goes forward, I expect that on
five or ten years, we will be fighting to keep the Phoenix Mail
Processing Center from moving to another state.

decision is simple. Will you stand to uphold the Constitution of the
United States? Will you stand to support our veterans? Will you
stand to support small businesses? Will you stand to support
southern Arizona and rural areas?

Policy over Politics,


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  1. I hope the House passes this HSM. It is vitally important that the Cherry Bell Center stay open. It is one of the largest USPS mail processing centers in the country. This HCM would cause the AZ Legislature to send a direct letter of information and protest to the President of the US Senate, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives and a letter to every member of Congress from the State of Arizona. That might be the only way to save our jobs and our excellent mail service in Southern AZ. Please contact any member of the Government Committee before Tuesday when they are scheduled to hear this.