Update to State Rep. Jake Hoffman Signed A Fake Election Certificate, Throws AZ GQP Chair ‘Chemtrails’ Kelli Ward Under The Bus (excerpt):

Brahm Resnik from 12 News/KPNX TV (NBC) in Phoenix asked Rep. Jake Hoffman about a phony certification he signed in 2020 that Arizona electors voted for Trump, with a follow up question from an Arizona Republic reporter.


Take a closer look at the signatories to this bogus certificate.

It includes recently defeated Rep. Anthony Kern, who was a leader of the Arizona “Srop The Steal” Big Lie, and who was in Washington, D.C. on January 6 along with fellow leader of the Arizona “Srop The Steal” Big Lie, Rep. Mark Finchem, for the MAGA/QAnon seditious insurrection, and he was later permitted to count ballots in the Arizona Senate’s GQP sham “fraudit.” Where Was Anthony Kern On January 6?; and Ex-State Rep. Anthony Kern, Who Was at Capitol Riot, Seen Counting Ballots in Arizona Audit.

It includes current GQP Senate candidate Jim Lamon, a shameless MAGA/QAnon “Stop The Steal” Big Lie advocate who, as Brahm Resnik indicates, called for the Arizona Senate GQP sham “fraudit.”

More importantly, it includes the chair of the Arizona Republican Party, “Chemtrails” Kelli Ward and her husband. Ward has been one of the most shameless and worst offenders of the “Stop The Steal” Big Lie. In this interview, Jake Hoffman says to ask Kelli Ward about this bogus certification, throwing her under the bus for its creation. OK, maybe reporters should do that.

Note: None of this illegality has been investigated by our partisan hack Attorney General Mark Brnovich aka “Nunchucks” (or is it numbnuts?) The Attorney General’s Office has an Election Integrity Unit with a $530,000 budget (2019) to investigate election fraud. This is a clear cut case which does not take any prosecutor over a year to bring charges. The fake Republican electors, and the fake certification of electors, should have already been prosecuted. Are they not being prosecuted because they are Republican Party activists and candidates?

On Monday night, MSBC’s Rachel Maddow Show exclusively reported on new documents it had obtained showing that this seditious insurectionist Rep. Jake Hoffman was far more directly involved than he tried to deflect under questioning from local reporters. He was directly in contact with the Trump campaign and the White House about putting the fake GQP electors coup plot in motion to overturn the 2020 election before January 6.

“Something that might be of interest to January 6 investigators.” The January 6 Committee and the DOJ need to talk to this traitorous piece of shit. If we had a real state Attorney General doing his job instead of actively covering up this GQP seditious conspiracy to protect prominent Republicans, the fake GQP elector coup plot would have already been uncovered through investigation and indictments already issued.


Rep. Jake Hoffman and former Rep. Anthony Kern, candidate Jim Lamon and former state Sen. Kelli Ward all need to be disqualifed from ever serving in public office under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.