Arizona Corporation Commission Nominee Lauren Kuby.

Opinion: The choice for Arizona Corporation Commission is simple. We will ensure a clean energy future. Our Republican opponents will not.

This column originally appeared in AZ Central on October 21, 2022.


Lauren Kuby, a Democrat running for a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission, is a former Vice Mayor/Tempe City Council member and a Global Futures Scientist, leading the Stardust Center for Affordable Homes and the Family at ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation. Reach her at

As inflation rises, voters have an opportunity this election to lower costs in one area of their budget – utility bills.

The Arizona Corporation Commission race lacks the attention paid to the governor or other statewide races, but the commission, called the fourth branch of government, directly impacts voters’ everyday life through regulating utility monopolies.

Corporation Commissioner Sandra Kennedy and I are running to ensure utilities invest in proven clean energy resources that protect your wallet. Investing in clean energy also creates local, high-wage jobs that benefit Arizonans while conserving our most precious natural resource: water.

Solar is already the cheapest energy around

Utility fuel costs have increased sharply, largely due to extreme weather events and the war in Ukraine.

You may have noticed; the utilities pass these costs directly onto customers through a billing surcharge. Arizona imports all of its natural gas from Texas and elsewhere because we don’t have gas resources in our state.