Requesting a Small Favor


Posted by Bob Lord

For those who follow me, I'm asking a small favor.

The intractable situation in Isreal / Palestine is truly depressing. Anyone with an open mind who is willing to read all that's out there, objectively, likely will understand that Israel, especially the Israeli government, lost the moral high ground a long, long time ago. But few Americans venture down that road. When President Carter wrote a book to enlighten us on the subject, he was pilloried at the behest of the AIPAC folks. Few were willing to read his book and hear him out. 

If you're one of the few who are interested in the side of this issue that AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson don't want you to hear, read Noam Chomsky's piece at Truth-Out.

Then follow this link to sign the petition to President Obama asking simply that aid to Israel be conditioned on Israel complying with International law. 

Thanks so much,



  1. Being a Libertarian I support an end to all government provided foreign aid including aid given to the government of Israel. Has there been a piece of introduced legislation in the past, present or future that embodies this request?

  2. Done and done.

    As an aside, my father, raised as an Orthodex Jew (he hasn’t been one since he married my “shiksa” mother), has never supported the state of Israel. He believes that Israel is a political state, not a religious one.

    The sad thing is, Israel is basically now doing to Palestinians what Hitler did to Jews; instead of ghettos in Poland, it is a ghetto in the Gaza strip.

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