Rumors of My Demise…


Posted by Bob Lord

I'm 11 days out from my last post here at BfAZ. My day job is killing me right now. 

It's too bad…there's lots going on, and a lot of it good. We just may be getting to the point where the 90%, or at least the sane members of the 90%, say enough to the 1%, while the 9% in between wring their hands. 

It's late and I don't have enough gas left in the tank for any thorough analysis, but I did see this laugher from David Brooks this in this morning's NYT: The Tragic Situation. I'd quote from it, but it's just wire to wire bad. Brooks tries mightily to explain away Israel's atrocities towards the Palestinians (without bothering to directly acknowledge them first). Instead, he winds up going from platitude to platitude. The piece is devoid of substance, as is … Brooks. 

Happy Holidays to all (even you, Thucky!)