Russell Pearce’s son

by David Safier

The story of Russell Pearce's son's multiple arrests for substance abuse and possible child abuse deserve attention because of Pearce's public presence. Pearce can't be blamed for his very troubled son. But it's important that this young man not be given special treatment because of his father's power and influence. It's very possible he should be locked up both to protect others and to protect himself. For that reason, this is a story worthy of attention.

Let's start with the most current arrest and work backwards. Joshua Pearce, 30, was arrested this week because he failed to appear in court for a probation violation and two counts of aggravated DUI.

In 2006, a Mesa police officer arrested him for DUI, after his car was noticed traveling 25 mph in a 35-mph zone and swerving on Main Street, according to court documents.

At the time, his driver's license was suspended and his wife and then-5-day-old son were in the car, court documents state.

"(Joshua Pearce) risked the lives of his girlfriend, infant child, the public and himself when he decided to drive impaired under the influence of marijuana and prescription medications," a court document states. He has been diagnosed as bipolar and suffers from depression, anxiety and intermittent explosive behavior.

The 2006 incident, as the passage states, was a DUI with Joshua's wife and infant son in the car. According to another article, "During field-sobriety tests, officers noted several signs of impairment. Pearce's eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred, according to the report. The odor of marijuana on his breath was noted." He told the police he had smoked marijuana a ten that morning. He also "tested positive for THC, Oxycodone, and Oxymorphone."

Another incident toward the end of 2010, if it is as bad as it looks, makes me think Joshua needs to be in custody and given a combination of psychological help and drug rehabilitation.

Banner Desert Medical Center contacted the police when Joshua's 9 day old child was brought in with a skull fracture, which happened when Joshua was watching the baby. Joshua said his daughter fell out of her bouncer, but the doctors say the injuries could not have happened from that kind of fall. The police didn't arrest him because they couldn't prove that he was at fault, but his children were placed in foster care.

His wife spoke about the numerous medications he takes.

Samantha told police that Joshua takes numerous medications, including Xanex, Prednisone, Atenolol, and Percocet.

According to an investigator:

"[One of the children] said his dad does not work and during the day he just usually stays in bed. When asked why his dad stays in bed so much, [the child] said, 'He's tired a lot.'"

These are only a few incidents, the ones I consider most serious because they involve his children. In total, Joshua has had 31 incidents with the police which have led to 10 arrests. I wonder if any 30 year old without political connections would be walking the streets with that kind of record,including two cases involving potential child endangerment and abuse.

I commented at the beginning of the post that Russell Pearce can't be held directly responsible for the actions of his very troubled, grown son. However, it is worth noting that Sen. Pearce has had his own problems with spousal abuse, as reported by both his first wife and current wife. Tempers appear to run in the family.

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  1. I disagree that Senator Pearce cannot be held responsible for Scumbag Pearce. A parent bears some responsibility for the values and discipline (or lack thereof) they instill in their children. Clearly Senator Pearce, for all his “family values” bullshit, is a crap parent.