Saletan: The GOP is ‘utterly unprepared to govern’

William Saletan at Slate attended last week’s congressional hearings on the P5+1 world powers nuclear agreement with Iran so that you didn’t have to. He came away with this revelation: “The Iran hearings have shown how the Republican Party can no longer be trusted with the presidency.” Not Fit to Lead:

Iran-nuclear-deal-1024x576If Republicans win the White House next year, they’ll almost certainly control the entire federal government. Many of them, running for president or aspiring to leadership roles in Congress, are trying to block the nuclear deal with Iran. This would be a good time for these leaders to show that they’re ready for the responsibilities of national security and foreign policy. Instead, they’re showing the opposite. Over the past several days, congressional hearings on the deal have become a spectacle of dishonesty, incomprehension, and inability to cope with the challenges of a multilateral world.

When the hearings began more than a week ago, I was planning to write about the testimony of Secretary of State John Kerry and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. But the more I watched, the more I saw that the danger in the room wasn’t coming from the deal or its administration proponents. It was coming from the interrogators. In challenging Kerry and Moniz, Republican senators and representatives offered no serious alternative. They misrepresented testimony, dismissed contrary evidence, and substituted vitriol for analysis. They seemed baffled by the idea of having to work and negotiate with other countries. I came away from the hearings dismayed by what the GOP has become in the Obama era. It seems utterly unprepared to govern.

If you didn’t have time to watch the 11 hours of hearings conducted on July 23, July 28, and July 29, consider yourself lucky. Here are the lowlights of what you missed.

Saletan goes through a top 10 list of low points by GOP interrogators. Rather than summarize his list here, read the article. Summarizing it doesn’t do it justice.

Saletan concludes:

There’s plenty more I could quote to you. But out of mercy, and in deference to the many dead and retired Republicans who took foreign policy seriously, I’ll stop. This used to be a party that saw America’s leadership of the free world as its highest responsibility. What happened? And why should any of us entrust it with the presidency again?

Certainly none of the contenders running for the GOP nomination in 2016.

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  1. What really would have made a headline would have been if William Saletan had decided that Republicans WERE prepared to lead the Government. As it is, he simply arrived at a pre-ordained conclusion. Ho-hum.

  2. They said they about hitler and the nazi’s. They knew how to govern, the world just didn’t like how they governed.

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