Sen. Marco ‘Big Gulp’ Rubio is just another Neocon


On Monday, Florida Senator Marco “Big Gulp” Rubio, the man Time magazine once anointed The Republican Savior in 2013, before “Big Gulp” pissed off the GOP’s nativist and racist base by being a member of the “Gang of Eight” that passed the bipartisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the Senate, and later feebly attempted to disown it, announced that he is running for president.

The most ridiculous headline I  read this morning belongs to the reliably Republican Washington Post: Rubio launches 2016 bid by dismissing ‘leaders and ideas of the past’. Oh really?

I can’t possibly be the only one who noticed what is wrong with “Big Gulp’s” stage-crafted announcement in this photo below.

Screenshot from 2015-04-14 08:56:37

Geezus! He’s not even trying to be subtle. A little white-out and Project for the New American Century becomes “A New American Century,” brought to you by the very same Neocon war mongers who gave us the unnecessary and illegal war in Iraq in the disastrous Bush-Cheney regime.

Just check the Transcipt of “Big Gulp’s” prepared remarks that the Beltway media villagers are all glossing over or ignoring altogether:

And if America accepts the mantle of global leadership, by abandoning this administration’s dangerous concessions to Iran, and its hostility to Israel; by reversing the hollowing out of our military; by giving our men and women in uniform the resources, care and gratitude they deserve; by no longer being passive in the face of Chinese and Russian aggression; and by ending the near total disregard for the erosion of democracy and human rights around the world; then our nation will be safer, the world more stable, and our people more prosperous.

So this Gen-Xer Neocon is no different than Arizona’s angry old man Neocon war monger, John McCain. “Big Gulp” would:

— Unilaterally rescind any U.S. agreement to the P5+1 and Iran nuclear framework, thereby alienating and breaking faith with our NATO allies, and embarking the U.S. on a path to war with Iran.

— Take a confrontational approach to Vladimir Putin and Russia, as John McCain did while running for president in 2008, threatening a war with Russia over Georgia. More recently McCain has threatened war with Russia over Crimea and Ukraine. Disregard the fact that Russia is a nuclear superpower.

— Take a confrontational approach with China, something the U.S. is already doing with the Pacific Pivot, bolstering our alliances with Asian nations over disputed claims to the South China Sea. Disregard the fact that China is a nuclear superpower, and one of the largest creditors of the U.S.

— Unilaterally rescind any U.S. effort to open the door to normalized relations with Cuba, asserting its disregard for democracy and human rights, choosing to keep in place a failed embargo policy that has not worked in over 50 years.

This sounds to me like someone grounded in America’s Cold War past, and dedicated to the Neocon wars for a Pax Americana Empire in the disastrous Bush-Cheney regime, which set in motion the military conflicts that we see today.

All this talk about the future and the 21st Century and the next generation ascendant is just the ageism of this Gen-Xer overachiever who has demonstrated that is not ready for prime time. Just ask the reporters who have covered his career in Florida, like Tampa Bay Times political editor Adam Smith. Marco Rubio didn’t leave much of a mark on Florida politics.

Beating establishment Republicans in safe Republican contests is hardly a qualification for the presidency. This freshman senator was elected in 2010 with a plurality of the vote (49%) in a three-way contest with former governor Charlie Crist running as an independent (30%), and Democrat Kendrick Meeks (20%), whose combined vote total exceeded his vote.

The Beltway media villagers are all giving “Big Gulp” a pass for embellishing his “American story” that he told again on Monday, for which he got caught in 2011. Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts, documents show (Washington Post).

In October 2011, The Washington Post reported that Rubio’s previous statements that his parents were forced to leave Cuba in 1959, after Fidel Castro came to power, were incorrect. His parents left Cuba in 1956, during the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. According to The Washington Post, Rubio’s “embellishments” resonated with many voters in Florida, who would not be as impressed by his family being economic migrants seeking a better life in the U.S. instead of political refugees from a communist regime.

Rubio responded in an op-ed in Politico: “The real essence of my family’s story is not about the date my parents first entered the United States. Or whether they traveled back and forth between the two nations. Or even the date they left Fidel Castro’s Cuba forever and permanently settled here. The essence of my family story is why they came to America in the first place; and why they had to stay.” My family’s flight from Castro (Politico).

Sounds familiar: his candidacy is not grounded on any legislative record or record of accomplishments, other than defeating establishment Republicans for safe Republican seats, but rather “the essence” of what he wants you to believe that he is. That sounds like a con man to me.

“Big Gulp” will have to defeat his mentor, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, if he wants the nomination. And since they are both Florida residents, they cannot be on the ticket together.


  1. For crying out loud can we for once in this century get away from all the disgusting negativity of war and war and we need more war. I would just once like to go back to talking about a brighter future in this country that involves better education, improved infrastructure, and setting an example to the rest of the world about how great this country can be. All any of these individuals talk about anymore is the damn apocalypse.

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