Senator Sinema


By Michael Bryan

Kyrsten Sinema has won the election. There is no official count yet, nor any victory announcement or concession. But with a 30K vote lead for Sinema and about 200K ballots left to count, McSally would have to win the remaining vote by 15%; that’s just not going to happen. The race is won; congratulations Senator Sinema on turning Arizona’s Senatorial delegation purple.

McSally, I’m sure, is already lobbying Governor Ducey for McCain’s seat.



  1. Well, if Doug Ducey is in the mood to punish the Democrats, appointing Martha McSally is the way to do it. He certainly can’t appoint her based on her qualifications as a legislator.

    I guess we have to hope that Doug Ducey is more strategic in his thinking. And he might actually want that Senate seat for himself in the not too distant future.

    • Doubt that Gov. Ducey will appoint himself to the other U.S. Senate seat, with Democrat Katie Hobbs as Secretary of State. She has taken over the lead 5667 votes tonight, over Steve Gaynor.

      • No, I don’t think Ducey will appoint himself.

        The special election for McCain’s seat is in 2020 and doesn’t there have to be another election when McCain’s term is over? McCain was re-elected in 2016 so his term expires in 2022.

        Ducey might decide to run, who knows? Jan Brewer being SOS didn’t seem to bother Janet Napolitano all that much when she left for a big job in the Obama Administration.

        If Ducey thinks that Senate seat might be in his future then he’s better off appointing some old short term geezer who is not interested in a career.

        I guess we’ll see.

  2. McLiar is still not out of it yet
    I hope it will not take a whole week to finalize
    I hope this isn’t just hope on your pasty

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