Shameless Republicans Taking Credit For Infrastructure Projects They Voted Against

We saw this shameless Republican hypocrisy under President Obama when Republicans took credit for infrastructure projects that they voted against in Congress:

Some Republicans who voted against the stimulus “have been all too happy to claim credit for Recovery Act projects and the jobs those projects have produced. They come to the ribbon cuttings.” – President Barack Obama

Shameless Republicans have continued this tradition of taking credit for things they voted against in Congress. Republicans shamelessly take credit for Covid relief they voted against, and Republicans want credit for infrastructure bill they voted against.

Like his predecessor before him, President Biden mockingly impersonated Republicans who tried to take credit for an infrastructure bill they didn’t vote for:

President Joe Biden made fun of Republican lawmakers who he said have tried to take credit for an infrastructure bill they didn’t vote for.

While speaking at a Democratic National Committee meeting about the White House’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, Biden briefly impersonated these GOP members.

“We got a little help from Republicans, not a lot but enough to get it passed,” he said. “But the truth is, there are a lot more Republicans taking credit for that bill than who actually voted for it.”

As the audience laughed, Biden deepened his voice.

“I see them out there: Now we’re going to build this new bridge here,” he said. “We’re all for it. And by the way, this new road, we’re going to have an internet that’s gonna be all over.”

At the end of his impersonation, he quipped: “I love it, man. They ain’t got no shame.”

The latest example comes from the most hated man in the Senate, insurrection leader Sen. Ted “Cancún” Cruz. Ted Cruz touts local highway funding he voted against:

During the speech, Cruz bragged about his ability to get funding for the expansion of Interstate 27, a highway in Texas that has seen proposed expansion by the Ports-to-Plains Alliance for decades. This funding finally came from an appropriations bill signed into law by President Joe Biden in March.

The expansion of I-27 is estimated to create thousands of jobs and provide direct links for local and international trade by reducing congestion on the highway in the Eastern region of Texas

“This is a fight that I was proud to lead in the United States Senate, working closely with leaders here on the ground in the community all the way from Laredo, all the way up to North Dakota,” Cruz said. “And we were finally able to get it passed as part of an appropriation.”

Even though the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly passed the legislation by a 68-31 vote in March, Cruz failed to mention was one of the Senators who voted against the bill was him.

Cruz also took credit for the I-27 expansion in a press release sent out last Friday. Part of the release says, “He successfully led a bipartisan, bicameral effort to designate the I-27 Ports-to-Plains corridor as a ‘Future Interstate’ which will make Texas eligible to receive additional federal funds to complete the I-27 highway expansion project.”

This POS did no such thing, “he was for it before he was against it.”  Cruz is shamelessly lying to his constituents. This is one reason why everyone hates Ted Cruz.

The White House called him out for it.

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  1. Fun Cruz-facts!

    Rafael “Ted” Cruz is a Canadian man
    He has a tattoo of a British man named Winston Churchill because he couldn’t think of any of America’s Founding Fathers or I don’t know Gene Simmons of KISS?
    Or maybe Rita Hayworth or a cool on-fire-skull with a snake coming out of an eye socket!
    Really, who wants to look at Winston Churchill when they get out of the shower?
    Rafael is a big fan of iN c3st pr 0n. Don’t borrow his phone!
    Thinks his voters are stupid. Broken clock rule!
    Rafael’s wife in not pleasing to look at according to the taste-makers at Mar a Lardo.
    I too would rather be in Cancun than Texas on any given day.
    Austin is okay.

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