Sinema Walks the Line: 1 of 2 Dems To Cross Aisle On Nomination Today, Votes With Party Against Judges


Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema continues to cross the aisle on votes, today joining Joe Manchin and all Republicans in voting for President Trump’s nominee for the Commissioner for Labor Statistics (William Beach). At the same time, she toed the party line on two judicial nominations this week (Neomi Rao and Paul Matey for appellate appointments).

Beach’s nomination was approved 55-44, so her vote was not a deciding one. However, Sinema – who campaigned last year without affixing her Democratic label to advertising – continues to vote with the GOP majority when she feels it is warranted.


  1. She’s the D we can elect in Arizona circa now. I worry always that we will let a demand for perfection defeat what’s available and better than the alternative.

  2. “When she feels it’s warranted.” You mean when she sees political or fundraising advantage in doing so.

  3. Not at all surprising. She would not have gotten elected if she hadn’t established a record of not being a knee-jerk follower of Dem. Party ortodoxy.

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