The Prima Donna in the White House seems to think that the states, instead of the federal government, should take the lead in combatting the Coronavirus.

This attitude seems to fit a President of the United States under the Articles of the Confederation where the states held the dominant position over the central government.

If Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence are indeed following that mindset, then the American People are trapped in an approach to government that history (and recent current events) proved does not work.

This mindset is why:


  • The third President in the United States History to be Impeached continually sounds like he is doing the Governors a favor by doing whatever he and his Administration is doing to combat the virus.


  • Individual One has not fully activated the Defense Protection Act and nationalized the medical supply production and delivery process.

This has caused Governors like Andrew Cuomo in New York to beg for supplies. The Governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzer equated this lack of national coordination to the “wild wild west.”

  • The Liar in Chief has not issued stronger national self isolation-quarantine guidelines.

This has resulted in inconsistent reactions to the virus across all 50 states. In New York, for example, Governor Cuomo is taking a fully proactive science-based approach to deal with the Coronavirus. His Florida counterpart Ron DeSantis is one in the “we can’t let the cure be worse than the disease” camp. Doug Ducey in Arizona is somewhere in between Cuomo and DeSantis as he has reacted mostly to the lead of the Grand Canyon State’s Mayors (like Flagstaff’s Coral Evans.) On March 26, 2020, the Flagstaff Mayor authorized the closure of all nail salons, hair salons, beauty salons, and similar businesses.”  Arizonans should watch how Ducey reacts to this move.

  • Governors and Mayors are engaged in a Lord of the Flies battle across state lines for vital supplies that the Federal Government is not overseeing.

In Arizona for example, the Governor’s office is asking primary care physicians to stop testing patients for the Coronavirus because they do not have enough tests to meet demand.

In Massachussets, Governor Charlie Baker can not get supplies because he was outbid by the Federal Government. The same issue happened with Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer.

Coordination between the federal government and the states is desperately needed.

  • The Federal Government has fallen behind supply requests as it haggles with private companies like General Motors and Ventec Life Systems over its price tag to build thousands of ventilators.


  • The people are looking to the nation’s governors and mayors for leadership instead of the President.

Most have been impressed with the performances of New York’s Andrew Cuomo and Ohio’s Mike DeWine among other Republican and Democratic governors in fighting this public health crisis.

Again, in Arizona, it is the Mayors (like Flagstaff’s Evans, Phoenix’s Gallego, and Tucson’s Romero) taking the lead to protect the people.

When the President does a press briefing, reporters are not expecting anything informative, profound or wise to come from his lips. They are there to get the latest outrageous and obtuse comments (most of them false) to show the viewers how much the Stable Genius is really a lying Prima Donna Idiot. 

In fact, some NPR stations are refusing to carry the Trump-led briefings live anymore.

History actually shows a close parallel to the situation the country is in.

During the worst days of the Korean War in 1950 and 51 when the Chinese had entered the war and pushed the United States-United Nations troops well south of the 38th Parallel,  U.N. Military Commander Douglas MacArthur whined about not getting support from the Truman Administration for not allowing him to fight a full-scale war and called for dropping several atomic bombs along the Yalu River.

When General Matthew Ridgway assumed command of the United States Eighth Army and turned the tide of the war around, the American military and political establishment realized that all of MacArthur’s bluster was hollow and that Ridgway was the person to turn to for sound military assessments. From that point on, as Truman Biographer David McCullough wrote, MacArthur “had become mainly a prima donna figurehead who had to be tolerated.”

Most people realize that Donald Trump is a self-centered prima donna.

Unfortunately, unlike the situation with MacArthur where Truman fired him for insubordination, the people can not fire Donald Trump until November 3, 2020.

Until then, it is vital that someone or a group of people get into this self-absorbed skull that he needs to quit thinking about opening up the country again for Easter and instead fully utilizing all the government’s resources like the head of the Federal Republic (instead of a Confederacy) should so the country can stop leading the world in Coronavirus cases and be a functioning nation long before Easter in 2021.

Update (March 28, 2020): The Trump Administration finally approved the Disaster Declarations for both Michigan and Massachusetts. Governors Whitmer and Baker proved one does not have to suck up to the Prima Donna in the White House to get what they want. Looking bad in the press is just as effective on the Self Absorbed Stable Genius.