Special Drinking Liberally Sessions this Week

By Michael Bryan

Dltucsonlogo Tucson's Drinking Liberally is having two special sessions this week (and no regular Sunday meeting). 

First, on Saturday, 10/30, John Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity will be simulcast to a local rally here in Tucson at the Club Congress from 9am to noon. Drinking Liberally will be there and will be doing what we do starting at noon at the Club tap room. Look for the liberals toasting John Stewart, America's most influential man.

Next, on Tuesday, election day, 11/2, Drinking Liberally will be having a poll watching session starting at 6pm at Gentle Ben's. We will be right across the street from the Democratic Party election victory celebration, so you can step across the street at any time to press the flesh of the freshly elected.

See you all there! Note that new posts will continue to appear below while this notice remains through Sunday.

2 responses to “Special Drinking Liberally Sessions this Week

  1. Good. You are not who the rally is after. Good, hard-working Dems who volunteer are not the demographic rally for sanity is for. We seek the sane but unengaged voter. Plugging those folks into party activism through a casual activity like drinking liberally is useful, though perhaps less holy than thou.

  2. Mike,

    I will not be attending your party. I will be on the streets knocking on doors to help get out the vote for the election on Tuesday. I’ll be at Congressman Grijalva’s campaign headquarters at 9 AM ready to work.

    I understand that Congressman Giffords and General Goddard will also be working the neighborhoods tomorrow. There are even a few legislative seats we can turn, Cage in LD 26 and Cammenisch in LD 30, for instance, if we just push hard enough in the coming days.

    I don’t mean to be a ninny, but it seems that giving our Democratic ticket a few hours of our time is going to be infinitely more productive to our cause than watching TV in a bar.

    Tom Prezelski