Still Time to Recall Arpaio, Especially if Dem Candidates Help


Posted by Bob Lord

As the BlueMeanie has reported, a Federal judge has found that Joe Arpaio engaged in racial profiling of Latinos. 

It's no surprise, but It's also beyond despicable. This explains why Respect Arizona launched the recall campaign when they did. They knew Arpaio was doing this. You see, many of them were his victims. It explains why some candidates like David Lujan had the courage to support the recall campaign from the get go. 

Unfortunately, the recall campaign is short on signatures.

But there are still a few days left and they're within striking distance.

Here's an idea how five minutes or your time could be a huge help:

There are candidates out there with huge email lists. We need them to blast those email lists and urge their supporters to do everything they can. 

And they will, if people like us ask them to do so. Let them know it's important to you.

And if a candidate refuses to help, well …