Success, At Last, Sort Of


Posted by Bob Lord

I really don't have huge aspirations as a writer. My style is far too wooden, and it takes me far too long to crank out a few measly paragraphs. My only two goals, and this is admittedly goofy, have been to be published in a print newspaper and to have a diary on Daily Kos be recommended. I more or less gave up on the second goal, because the comments I received to the diaries I cross posted at Kos were so cringe inducing that I stopped posting. 

But I'm happy to report that I've made it into print, I think. It looks like the Mountain Mail, a small daily out of Salida, Colorado, has picked up my op-ed entitled The Irish Tax Blight, which discusses the implications of Apple's tax shenanigans.

You won't be able to access the op-ed piece there without a subscription, but you can at, the syndication service that invited me to write it. Other Words is a project of The Institute For Policy Studies, which also sponsors the site, where I've posted some of my tax / inequality related pieces. Other Words makes its material available at no cost to small and mid-size dailies across the country. 



  1. Bob, Don’t give up on DKos. It’s more of a virtual community than most sites and you have to kinda’ get yourself known. The most common mistake of new diarists is post-and-run. When you post a piece, be prepared to hang around for an hour or so to respond to a few comments, it’s almost like defending a thesis. You had one the other day that I though would have been a perfect fit.
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