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Blog for Arizona writers Jana Segal, David Gordon, Larry Bodine, Carolyn Classen
Blog for Arizona writers Jana Segal, David Gordon, Larry Bodine, Carolyn Classen and Paul Weich
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  1. Hi all, this is a new fundraiser, which founder Michael Bryan created on May 10, 2019. Please donate to our FB page and share it on FB as well to your friends. We appreciate the support and financial assistance.

    Thanks to fellow blogger Larry Bodine for posting this article. He is a frequent guest on the John C. Scott radio show, weekdays 3 p.m. at 1030 AM on the dial.

  2. Mr. Bodine, forgive me for going off topic. However, since you produced a significant amount of “citizen journalism” on the Rise and Fall of Yahya Yuksel, I thought you might be interested to know that you had a starring role in his video. Mr. Yuksel put this 47 minute video on YouTube a few days before the election. The part about you starts @21:00. So you didn’t suspect he was taping you?

    In the end, Mr. Yuksel got somewhere around 1K votes. Without the “scandal”, he might have gotten 2K. A fringe candidate either way.

    Was it worth all that?

    • Sure it was worth it. It was news. Yuksel didn’t reveal that he was secretly taping his call to me. Regardless, you’ll hear me saying that he should admit to the rape, but he wanted to argue with the facts. I notice the girl he attacked has not come to his defense.

      Oh well. Yuksel will continue to protest until his family runs out of money to produce videos. Then he will sink into obscurity or move to California to practice law there.

      • Do you know why the victim has not come to his defense?

        No, you do not, and you should leave the victim out of your argument for that and one other reason.

        Decency is the other reason, Mr. Bodine, decency.

        The crime is worthy of discussing, the man is running for office, but dragging victims and their motives, which you do not know, is sleazy.

    • Yahya Yuksel received 1229 votes to date in the Arizona primary. He came in last, 7th of 7 CD 2 candidates.

  3. I would like to donate, but I do not have or want a facebook account. Is there any other way to donate?

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