SWAG List of Arizona Federal Candidates in 2018


Time once again for the “silly wild ass guess” (SWAG) list of candidates who are running for federal offices in Arizona. This List is subject to revision as candidates enter races or decide to withdraw. The candidates listed below have filed with the FEC (with a few exceptions). I am not clear about who is still in and who is out in Congressional District 8 after the Special Election primary last month, and whether they are continuing on as candidates in the August primary. There may be some errors as to current status, so if you have information about the current status of a candidate, please post the information in the comments.

The candidate petitions filing deadline is May 30, 2018. The primary election is Tuesday, August 28, 20i8.

U.S. Senate

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D)
Deedra Abboud (D)
Robert Grimes “Bob” Bishop (D)
Cheryl R. “Ché” Fowler (D)
Jim Moss (D) withdrawn
David Alan Ruben (D)
Dale Christopher “Chris” Russell (D)
Rep. Martha E. McSally (R)
Joe Arpaio (R)
Craig R. Brittain (R)
Christian “C.J.” Diegel (R)
Michelle Marie Griffin (R)
Nicholas Tutora (R)
Kelli Ward (R)
Eve Reyes-Aguirre (GRN)
Doug Marks (LIB)

Congressional District 1

Rep. Tom O’Halleran (D)
Miguel Olivas (D)
Shawn Redd (R)
Wendy Rogers (R)
Tiffany Shedd (R)
Steve Smith  (R)

Congressional District 2 (open)

Matthew “Matt” Heinz (D)
Ann Kirkpatrick (D)
William “Billy” Kovacs (D)
Maria “Mary” Matiella (D)
Barbara Louise Sherry (D)
Bruce Wheeler (D)
Yahya Yuksel (D)
Lea Marquez Peterson (R)
Brandon Ray Martin (R)
Daniel Romero “Danny” “DJ” Morales, Jr. (R)
Casey Burke Welch (R)
Marilyn Wiles (R)
William Abbott “Will” Foster (IND)

Congressional District 3

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (D)
Sergio Arellano (R)
Joe Nicolas “Nick” Pierson (R)
Edna San Miguel (R)
Jaime Alfredo Vasquez (IND)

Congressional District 4

David H. Brill (D)
Delina DiSanto (D)
Ana Maria Perez Gissy (D)
Rep. Paul Gosar (R)
Haryaksha Gregor Knauer (GRN)
Thaddeus J. “Thad” Andreski, II (Write-in)

Congressional District 5

Joan Greene (D)
Tony Margalis (D)
Scott Anthony Menor (D)
Jose Lazaro Torres D)
Rep. Andy Biggs (R)

Congressional District 6

Anita Malik (D)
Garrick Arvin McFadden (D)
Heather Maura Ross (D)
W. John Williamson (D)
Rep. David Schweikert (R)

Congressional District 7

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D)
Catherine Miranda (D)

Congressional District 8

Robert Kyle Schuster (D)
Hiral Vyas Tipirneni (D)
Brianna Westbrook (D) running for AZ legislature
Travis Angry (R)
Scott Allen Baker (R)
Debbie Lesko (R)
Phil Lovas (R)
Steve Montenegro (R)
Bob Stump (R)
Christopher “Chris” Sylvester (R)
Steven Sawdy (Write-in R)
Gary Swing (GRN)
Augustine Beyer “Augie” Beyer (IND)

Congressional District 9 (open)

Talia Fuentes (D)
Greg Stanton (D)
Irina Baroness von Behr (R)
Steve Ferrara (R)
David Victor Giles (R)
Seth Leibsohn (R)
Myron Scott (GRN)
Zhani Doko (LIB)
Stephen Kessen (LIB)
Scott Menor (IND)
Kiko Rex (IND)

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  1. “One-Time Bonuses, Full-Time Con: Trump’s Tax Cuts Deliver Worker Layoffs” by Bob Lord Mar. 05, 2018

    “The Republican donor class, namely the Koch brothers and their vast dark money network, have already announced plans to spend tens of millions of dollars promoting the tax bill. Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity came out of the gates early with a $4 million ad campaign targeting two vulnerable Democratic senators for voting against the tax bill.

    Still, the Kochs have their work cut out for them and their own allies are making it tougher. House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted his excitement about the reported tax savings for a secretary in Pennsylvania—a whopping $1.50 a week. By comparison, the Koch brothers stand to gain about $27 million per week from the tax bill, according to Americans for Tax Fairness. When social media users pointed that out, Ryan quickly spiked the original tweet.”

  2. Major election: Congressional District 8 – VOTE for HIRAL TIPIRNENI (D)!! (replaces disgraced Trent Franks and entrenched Koch brothers, who “own” Arizona!). Hiral is an ER physician, a professional, who works FOR the people, NOT against them (like the “bought” politicians who drive Arizona laws and policy). … YOUR VOICES MATTER!! Turn “burgundy” Congressional District 8 to BLUE!

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