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There has been a number of early candidate filings this year for 2010. Many of the ranked contenders, however, may not file until as late as January of 2010 because of Arizona's resign to run law. So the early filers are not necessarily indicative of who's in and who's out for 2010. Some of the early filers have not even designated what office they are seeking.

A word of caution, the list below does not distinguish between an "exploratory committee" and a "candidate committee." "NP" indicates no party affilliation designated on the face of the filing.

So who is out there exploring if not actually running for office in 2010, with a little more than a year to go before the petition filing deadline?


Janelle Wood – NP
Roy Miller – NP
Kent Warren Couchee – NP
John Paul Mitchell – Independent
Hugh Kealer – Republican
Karen Johnson – Republican

Secretary of State

Sam Wercinski – Democrat (office sought is not designated in his filing)
Steve Gallardo – Democrat (his filing designates District 13 Senate)*

Attorney General

David Lujan – Democrat
Tom Horne – Republican


Andrei Cherney – Democrat

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jason Williams – Democrat
Penny Kotterman – Democrat
John Huppenthal – Republican
Margaret Dugan – Republican
Mary Lou Taylor – Republican

Corporation Commission

Brenda Burns – Republican

Arizona Legislature

LD  1 Andrew Tobin – Republican – House
LD  6 Pamela Gorman – Republican – Senate
LD  7 Ray Barnes – Republican – Senate
LD  7 Michael Coskun – Republican – House
LD  7 Lawrence Coutts – Republican – House
LD  8 Ted King – NP – Senate
LD  8 Eric Ulis – Republican – House
LD13 Steve Gallardo – Democrat -Senate*
LD13 Ana Tovar – Democrat – House
LD14 Robert Meza – Democrat – Senate
LD14 Chad Campbell – Democrat – House
LD15 Krysten Sinema – Democrat – Senate
LD15 Katie Hobbs – Democrat – House
LD15 Lela Alston – Democrat – House
LD15 Luis Alberto Garcia – Democrat – House
LD16 Dr. Cristy Lopez – Democrat – House
LD16 Jimmie Munoz, Jr. – Democrat – House
LD17 Wendy Rogers – Republican – Senate
LD20 Christopher Tolino – Republican – House
LD26 Cheryl Cage – Democrat – Senate
LD27 Olivia Cajero Bedford – Democrat – Senate
LD27 Bob Gilby – Democrat – House
LD27 Sami Hamed – Democrat – House
LD27 Gene Chewning – Independent – House
LD28 Ted Prezelski – Democrat – House
LD28 Ted Downing – Democrat – House (his filing does not designate the office sought)
LD30 Andrea Dalessandro – Democrat – House

A few incumbents have filed but do not designate the office sought:

Robert Burns (R) currently LD 9 Senate (and Senate President); Bill Konopnicki (R) currently LD 5 House (and rumored to be exploring running for Congress); Michele Reagan (R) currently LD 8 House; and David Bradley, currently LD28 House (and termed out in 2010).

Finally there is Ray Mahoubi, a Republican who did not designate the office sought.

So many early filings may indicate a crowded primary ballot in September 2010.

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  1. Mahoubi is running for LD8 Senate (unless he changes his mind, of course).

    There will be many primaries next fall and some of them could get nasty. I don’t know about southern AZ, but here in Maricopa County, the LD8 (north Scottsdale) races look to be crowded as incumbent Senator Carolyn Allen is termed out (I think) and both House incumbents (Michelle Reagan and John Kavanagh) are thought to be eyeing the seat. If they go for it, expect all of the other people who have signed up for LD8 senate, and others, to jump into the House race.

    The governor’s race (on both sides of the ballot) looks to be fun, with the Rep side turning into a cattle call, unless Jeff Flake jumps in.

    The funnest races will be for Superintendent of Public Instruction, though. That one is already crowded, with more candidates rumored to be interested, such as Rep. Rich Crandall of LD19 and Mayor Hugh Hallman of Tempe on the Rep side.

    If you’re a political geek, next year is going to be fascinating.

    I just hope it’s a fascinating Democratic victory.