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Four Years at Blog for Arizona

Well, it’s that day again – February 11—when I celebrate another anniversary blogging here at Blog for Arizona. What a year it has been since January 20, 2017 when Republican political newcomer Donald Trump became our 45th U. S. President.  Prior to this site I was online as “Carolyn’s Community” for Tucsoncitizen.com. Folks in town do remember me there.

For four years now I’ve been concentrating on promoting good non-profits and other groups in Tucson, reporting on local politics & elections, and posting passionately in our image Calendar (https://blogforarizona.net/calendar-2/).  I’ve individually posted 2,363  events in 4 years, which is quite a lot of progressive events, and 983 articles (almost 1000).

Thanks for reading our opinions/commentary and fact-based reporting.

Our bloggers online now are mostly attorneys (what else?) – Owner/founder & former prosecutor Michael Bryan; the mysterious AZ Blue Meanie who could only be a lawyer with his/her vast knowledge; longtime blogger Phoenix attorney Bob Lord; new blogger attorney/journalist Larry Bodine; and me, a has-been attorney/Hearing Officer in Small Claims Court (for almost 13 years in April, 2018).  Fortunately for them, fellow bloggers Karl, Pam and Linda aren’t attorneys (yet).    And Craig, Donna, and Steve are on hiatus, but could be back.

This political year  one Arizona U.S. Senate seat (being vacated by Republican Jeff Flake), 9 U.S. Congressional seats, Arizona statewide offices are all up for election (including Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer,  AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction, etc.) and all Arizona Legislative Senate and House seats.  A few Governing Board  volunteer seats in the local School Districts are also up for election.

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Phoenix New Times names Blog for Arizona the “Best Democratic Blog” for 2015

From Phoenix New Times: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/best-of/2015/megalopolitan-life/best-democratic-blog-7677833


Blog for Arizona

“Unapologetically lefty, Blog for Arizona proudly wears its Democratic donkey on its banner, sings the praises of Obamacare, and incessantly is critical of Arizona’s Republican overlords. In other words, for this redder-than-red GOP state, Blog for Arizona is an outlier. That doesn’t make its team of progressive opinionators any less fierce. In fact, they regularly draw blood, whether it’s erstwhile Democratic Congressional candidate Bob Lord’s exposing former Republican schools’ superintendent John Huppenthal as anonymous blog commenter “Falcon 9,” or “Democratic Diva” Donna Gratehouse skewering the Rs over their attempts to restrict abortion rights for women. Like Gratehouse, some of these scribblers have their own blogs, but together they form a left-wing Wu Tang Clan, fighting a guerrilla war against a better-funded and far more populous enemy. They dream of a day when Arizona goes blue, or perhaps purple, though a lighter shade of pink may be the best they ever can hope for.


Carolyn’s note: Kudos to fellow bloggers Bob Lord and Donna Gratehouse for this mention.  Prolific writer/blogger Az Blue Meanie should have been mentioned too, but he’s probably still too anonymous.   We at Blog for Arizona proudly acknowledge this award  from the Phoenix New Times.

Do progressives even sit out elections? The numbers say no.

Bob Lord and AZ Blue Meanie are having an interesting dialog on whether progressives should or shouldn’t withhold their votes to punish DINOs who regularly vote or embrace positions that go against progressive values. Bob argues that progressives have not done themselves favors by rewarding the DINOs with electoral victories and that reorienting the country from the massive rightward shift of the past three decades may require be willing to lose some elections to Republicans. Meanie counters that it’s about basic math and caucuses. In other words, the party that wins the majority of seats controls what even goes up for a vote.

For my part I’ll just say my heart is with Bob but my head is with Meanie on this. I’m a pro-choice activist and I cannot in good conscience withhold my vote from a pro-choice Democrat even if I am furious at her about several other things. Not with this relentless barrage of attacks on women’s reproductive rights going on. See, when Republicans lose a few elections to push the party to the right actual people don’t get hurt. If progressive Democrats did that then a lot of people, mostly poor and vulnerable, would be substantially harmed. I say “if” because the empirical evidence that we have on voting patterns demonstrates that progressives do not sit out elections. Continue reading

Krugman Nails It, For The Millionth Time

Posted by Bob Lord

I really feel for Paul Krugman. He’s brilliant, and has precious few peers as an economist. He knows that what’s coming out of Washington, from both Democrats and Republicans, is crazy talk. Ditto for what’s coming out of Europe. So he tries, repeatedly, to use his op-ed column to move policy in a sane direction. Here’s his latest attempt, well worth the read: 



He’s 100% right, of course, like he has been in perhaps fifty prior columns. But he’s a voice in the wilderness, and he undoubtedly knows it. Nonetheless, he soldiers on, hoping that somehow, if the argument is made in a different way, it will be heard.

Oh well. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

A Christmas Present and a New Year’s Resolution

The annual present orgy at the Lord household did not disappoint this year. My new son-in-law, Alec, spent his first Christmas day with us, and noted that he’d never seen a Christmas celebration quite like it. Not being a conspicuous consumption guy, I personally have qualms about the excess of the day, but I try to suppress those for the greater good.

Every year, however, I find at least one gem in the pile of presents. Last year, my daughter Diedre bought me Howard Zinn’s “People’s History of the United States,” which oddly enough I’d never read before. This year’s winner is a short book called “Food Rules (an eater‘s manual),” by Michael Pollan. We all know about the horrors of the food industry in America (if you don’t, read “The End of Food” by Paul Roberts, or rent “Food, Inc.”), but this little piece just sets forth some common sense rules for healthy eating. And it was a really easy read. I finished it in a few hours.

Which leads me to my New Year’s resolution. Pollan makes the obvious point, which we get intellectually but so easily lose sight of in our everyday lives, that the food industry and the health care industry are inter-related in their corruption. The food industry makes far more profit from processed food and meats, the staples of the unhealthy Western diet. Meanwhile, the Western diet leads to incredibly higher rates of chronic health problems, such as type 2 diabetes and heart problems, where most of our health care dollars are spent. Of course, the health care industry and the food industry both contribute heavily to Republicans. So, this year’s healthy eating resolution is different. It’s not about my waistline or my longevity this time. It’s about politics. If I can stop overeating, cut out the processed foods and sodas, and eat more leafy vegetables, The Conagras, ADM’s, and Pfizers of the world will have fewer dollars to contribute to scumbag Republicans.

Your of course welcome to join me — “Food Rules (an eater’s manual).” We can help ourselves and make the world a better place at the same time.

Hi, I’m Bob Lord (Blogger, Not Candidate)

Merry Christmas!

This is my introductory post. Mike Bryan invited me to post here as a guest blogger and I feel honored to have the chance to do so. I’ve always considered Blog For Arizona one of the top progressive blogs in Arizona, so it’s the perfect place for me to spout my opinions, something I’ve wanted to be able to do on a regular basis for some time.

Some of you may remember me as candidate Bob Lord. I tried, unsuccessfully, to unseat John Shadegg in 2008. Well, I’m excited to be back on these pages, but not a as a candidate. Those days are over (I think), although I do happen to reside in the stylish new Congressional District, AZ09. My posts here, I assure you, will not be about a campaign I’m about to launch, at least not one featuring me as a candidate. Truth is, I now believe Chris Hedges and others are dead on in observing that electoral politics is a sham. I have far more hope in the Occupy movement than I do in politicians, including the majority of those with a D next to their names (Raul Grijalva being a notable exception).

I’ll hopefully be writing on a variety of topics. I’m a business and tax lawyer by trade, so I’ll occasionally be sharing my views on tax policy, but I’ll try to keep those posts as unwonkish as possible. I’ll tell you in advance that I believe the tax code is an absolute travesty, which I‘ll try my best to expose. I’ll try to take on conventional wisdom whenever I can. I’m a huge believer in organized labor, so any thought that strikes me to strengthen unions likely will find its way into a post. There of course will be unlimited swipes at politicians and right-wing pundits, with the occasional hat tip when deserved. And when it comes to the Occupy movement, I’m a hopeless romantic regarding its potential, so there may be some “if only” type posts focusing on the leverage progressives could exercise with sufficient organization.

Again, I truly appreciate Mike’s invitation. If all goes well, those of you who read my posts will not curse yourselves for having spent precious time reading them, and I’ll either enjoy or learn from your comments.

Happy Holidays to all, what’s left of them.