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The Fair Wages and Healthy Families initiative survives its first legal challenge

RaiseTheWageMore good news from the courtroom on Friday. A Maricopa County Superior Court judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging thousands of petitions gathered supporting the Fair Wages and Healthy Families initiative (Prop. 206) to increase Arizona’s minimum wage to $12 over the next four years. $12 Arizona minimum-wage measure on the November ballot, judge rules:

During court hearings earlier this month, the Arizona Restaurant Association argued that many of the people collecting signatures were not properly registered with the state, so their petitions should be invalidated.

The state requires paid and out-of-state petition circulators to register with the Secretary of State’s Office. They must show they are 18 or older and have an address where they can be reached. Individuals who have been charged with a felony are also not allowed to circulate petitions for pay.

“It’s a privilege to use out-of-state circulators for petitions,” attorney Roopali Desai argued on behalf of the restaurant association. “There are many, many circulators who didn’t register, so their petitions are invalid.”

She said some registration forms appeared as if they were illegally altered after a circulator turned them in, claiming there were “some shenanigans and fraud involved.”

But the ruling came down to a technicality: The law requires that signatures be challenged within five days of their submission to the Secretary of State’s Office. After a thorough discussion of whether that meant business days or calendar days, Judge Joshua Rogers dismissed the case, saying the suit hadn’t been filed in a timely manner.

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Progressives: Let’s Move Hillary and Bernie to the Left (video)

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Several long-term politicians and a few wannabes have thrown their hats into the ring for the 2016 presidential bid (or are at least hinting at it). Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Republicans Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, and Carly Fiornia have declared. (See the complete list on the New York Times here.)

Progressives– disappointed by Elizabeth Warren’s choice not to run in 2016– are throwing their support to Sanders, particularly on social media, where memes about Sanders and his 12 Point Plan abound. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), a political action committee, is backing Sanders in a big way and mobilizing ground troupes to make phone calls, set up house parties, and raise funds.

Their stated strategy is to move Hillary to the left and encourage her to come out for progressive causes. Recently, Hillary has publicly supported drivers’ licenses for Dreamers, executive action on immigration reform and deportations, and a path to citizenship. She has called for an end the “era of mass incarceration” and discriminatory policing and wants to put  body cameras on all law enforcement officers; plus she linked what is happening in our streets to income inequality. She also has spoken forcefully against state-level voter suppression laws that revive the “demons of discrimination.” On Mothers’ Day, she called for an end to the shameful practice of denying paid medical leave for childbirth. (Video here and below.) In his Mothers’ Day show, political commentator John Oliver deftly laid out the issue. (Video here and below.) All of these recent stances sound pretty progressive. So, why doesn’t PDA like Hillary?