(UPDATED)Arizona Congressional and House Candidate Reaction to Today’s Supreme Court Ruling Outlawing Reproductive Freedom

The road to a Democratically controlled House of Representatives in Washington D.C. may go through Arizona thanks to today’s Arizona Supreme Court ruling outlawing women’s reproductive freedom. Surprisingly, there is maybe bipartisan agreement among Democrats and Republicans at the House level that the Arizona State Supreme Court overreached in invalidating a 2022 Republican ban on … Read more

U.S. Senate Race: Gallego Surging, Lake Digging a Hole with Her Mouth, Sinema Irrelevant

Here’s some of the latest from the 2024 US Senate race for the seat currently squatted upon by Independent (Wall Street) #SingleTermSinema. Ruben Gallego Continues to Climb The polling is looking very good for Ruben Gallego with him generally leading a potential three way race outside the margin of error in poll after poll, but … Read more

Arizona Leaders Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day

Dear Readers Here is a sampling of how some of Arizona’s leaders celebrated Indigenous People’s Day on October 10, 2023. “Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day. It is a day to recognize the sovereignty and resilience of indigenous peoples. The City of Tucson is located on the traditional lands that have been stewarded by the Tohono … Read more

Grodsky and Montague Discuss Arizona Politics

Democratic and Republican strategists Matt Grodsky and Tyler Montague took time to answer questions about what they feel the state of politics is in Arizona today, how the budget negotiations between the Democrats and Republicans should go, what could be common ground policy priorities the parties can pursue, is there a place for a third … Read more