The Company Thucky Keeps: Tom Horne


They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps. I’ve noticed this in  my legal practice.  Scumbag clients tend to hire scumbag lawyers to represent them. It’s uncanny to me how many times I’ve encountered a total sleaze on the other side of a matter, represented by an attorney who is ethically challenged.

And so it is with our friend Thucky.

We’ve had him explain to us how 1070 was a good thing and that Joe Arpaio and his actions have been a blessing to the Latino community. Okay, so he’s down with racist thugs. Is Thucky himself racist? Seems to be. I’ve covered that here.

And we know about Thucky’s undying love for John Huppenthal, who has used the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to destroy Arizona’s public school system from within. Reading Thucky’s comments, you get the feeling he knows Huppenthal, almost in the biblical sense. His sick affection for Huppenthal practically  jumps off the page when you read his comments to Huppenthal related posts, and not just at this site. Seems that there’s pretty much no act ole Thuck wouldn’t perform for Huppenthal, if only it were physically possible.

So, what about Thucky and Horne?

Things are unraveling fast for Horne these days. Apparently, as top law enforcement officer in the state, Tommy Boy doesn’t understand that using your public office to run a campaign is illegal. According to Yvonne Sanchez at The Republic, Horne’s path to victory has grown quite narrow:

Then came the scandals. The FBI investigated Horne for alleged campaign-finance violations. He was implicated in a hit-and-run fender bender in a parking garage while with his suspected girlfriend. Now, a former staffer has accused him and his top aides of illegally working on his re-election campaign on the taxpayers’ dime.

Where’s Thuck? Well, no surprise here. Ole Thuck didn’t hesitate to employ his intellectual dishonesty in Horne’s defense. Thucky is nothing if not slippery. Time and again at this site he’s made dishonest argumentsa at this site, with an obvious intent to mislead. So, it’s not surprising that he would have had this to say about Horne’s ethical challenges:

As for Tom Horne, don’t count your chickens yet. He is doing his thing again. Horne has an intuitive sense of of dramatic flair, must be his classical music training. Hornes various investigations are going to have high political appeal. Also, no primary challenge, Republicans might not like his various shenanigans, but they noted that the owner of the car that his car bumped into hadn’t even noticed the slight abrasion until is was pointed out by FBI agents. Cost to taxpayers $576,000 of the FBI investigation. They also noticed that Hornes independent campaign was his own money. Rottellinis independent campaign was funded by taxpayer dollars laundered through the prosecutors association. What Horne did may have been illegal but it was honest. What Rottellini did was legal but it was absolutely corrupt. Of all the entities in this conflict, only Horne wasn’t screwing us. 

Wow! There you have it. Sleazy, dishonest Thucky defending his sleazy friend, Horne.

To be fair, that comment was from December of last year, and we know more about Horne now than we did then, although we knew plenty back then.

So, maybe Thucky will explain to us here that he’s changed his view on Horne, and that he’d prefer Rotellini over him in the general if it came down to that. Don’t hold your breath.

More likely, he’ll explain how Horne’s use of his office to run his political campaign proves that Rotellini is corrupt. Or something like that.


  1. I would also argue that you debase the blog with posts like these. Go look at the posts on Iraq and BMs post on the state economy. Those posts elevate the blog.

    • Well, since I have your attention, do tell: Has your view of Horne changed any since December, or are you still in his corner?

  2. You are being a little rough on me so let me return the favor. The posts on this blog argue for destructive economic policies. These policies mean that the math will never work on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public schools, our universities, teacher, police and firefighter pension, medical costs for retirees, building roads and bridges and all the other things we treasure as a society.

    We as humans operate under the assumption that what has been will be. We are already 3 trillion off trend for government revenue. You might continue to believe that Santa Claus is coming soon and will restore everything to normal but I would suggest that strong policy changes are needed.

  3. I don’t understand why this troll is garnering enough attention to have entire columns written about him. Thirty percent of America has ridiculous political beliefs, and he’s right there with them. Let’s let Thucydides start his own blog, instead of using this one as his home base.

    • Patricia, I’ve gotta agree with you there. When the format changed, ol’ Thuckster said he wouldn’t darken these doors again. Apparently he likes the limelight. I repeat what my Grandpa often said –don’t try to teach a pig to sing, it will never work and it annoys the hell out of the pig. Time to leave the trollpig and move on to some more pressing topics.

  4. What evidence do you have? You presented the Krugman standard that it is dishonest to present data that is not properly adjusted. Then, you used data not adjusted for inflation and population changes to declare me a liar. The data, properly adjusted, suggests no such conclusion. Why not just put forth the evidence for your world view without speaking as to my state of mind or character?

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