The debut of Organizing for Action


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Wondering what Organizing for America is going to do now that President Obama has been reelected and cannot run for another term? It is going to transform itself into Organization for Action, "a non-profit organization that will build on
the volunteer network and infrastructure of President Obama's campaign
apparatus to continue supporting his agenda over the course of his
second term—and potentially beyond."

Jed Lewison reports at Daily Kos, Michelle Obama announces OFA's next phase: Organizing for Action:

First Lady Michelle Obama announces Organization for Action (video below the fold — check out her new do!):

If we want to finish what we started and truly make that
change we believe in, we can't stop now. And that's why today I'm proud
that our friends and supports are launching Organizing for Action, the
next phase of our movement for change. Supporters like you will be the
heart of this organization, because for the past six years you've done
something so much bigger than elect a president: you've given an
ordinary people a place in our democrat process again.

The mission of the new organization, the first lady said, is "to build
on the work we've already done by training and empowering the next
generation of leaders and supporting the grassroots organizing that you
want to do on the issues that matter most to your communities and our

Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina will be
national chairman of the new OFA, but the first lady said the group's
mission and activities will be shaped by its membership. The new OFA
will be separate from the Democratic National Committee and it will be
structured as a 501(c)4. That will allow it to accept unlimited
contributions, but officials tell NBC News that the donations will all be reported, albeit voluntarily.

Organizing for Action will be
a central topic of discussion on Sunday as 4,000 former campaign staff
and volunteers gather in Washington for an "Obama Campaign Legacy
Conference." The conference will be available online if you want to
watch from home.

Yesterday, in a possible sign of how the new OFA might engage in
issues, Messina sent an email encouraging Obama campaign supporters to
promote President Obama's new gun control proposal.

Here is what I hope for from OFA members.The hard work of governing occurs between elections. You can't just show up every four years for an election and hope for the best. Governing requires constant vigilance and hard work, working the refs (the media) and citizen lobbying of legislators on matters of public policy near and dear to your heart. You must be informed and engaged. Fight for what you believe in.

And no midterm election slump this time! 2014 is already underway. Pick a congressional candidate or state legislative candidate to support beginning today. It's time to get back to work.