The Führer of Arizona not a Republican Any Longer?

Ready-Pearce_39e1d Russell Pearce released his triumphant statement upon his election to the Senate and selection as Majority Leader.

It's the usual platitudes of a man drunk on power – nothing much of interest. I love this bit, "Leadership, practiced at its best, is the art and science of calling to the hearts and minds of others." Were Pearce honest about his own stock in trade, he would admit that leadership as he practices it is the art and science of scaring the shit out of people and demonizing your enemies as less than human. 

What I found most interesting, however, is how Pearce chose to sign his statement:

"For God, Family and the Republic, Stay free, stay safe and never surrender … God Bless America.
In Liberty,

Russell Pearce

Tea Party Senate President-Elect"

It's not the salutation's pedantry, ungrammatical structure, or amusing overtones of Galaxy Quest pieties, though those are pretty notable features. I highlighted the interesting bit, just in case you weren't paying attention. Pearce chose to identify himself not as a Republican (his official registration and caucus), nor as the Arizona Senate President-Elect (his official position), but as the "Tea Party Senate President-Elect".

I find that an odd declaration of allegiance. When he should be telling Arizonans that he will run the Senate in the interest of the citizens of Arizona, he chose instead to declare that his first allegiance is to the most radical and reactionary faction of his party – some would even suggest that the Tea Party is not so much a part of GOP as it is a populist insurgency within the GOP.

So the GOP just decided to effectively put a man in charge of the state Senate who represents not all of Arizona, nor even the major party in Arizona, but a tiny, vocal, radical, and demonstrably intolerant, racist and reactionary faction of that party.

An interesting choice of tone to begin Senator Pearce's reign as the Führer of Arizona.

2 responses to “The Führer of Arizona not a Republican Any Longer?

  1. How about the part where he says, “I consider this to be the Tea Party Senate and we intend to take back America one state at a time.” I always thought it was the people’s senate? Guess I was wrong about that.

  2. Projectile vomiting may be hazardous to our health….why do we live here?? Oh, that’s right. Because I can’t afford to leave this god forsaken state.