Above: The GQP Arizona Freedom (sic) Caucus in the Arizona legislature.

Last February, Michael Bryan explained What is the Aggregate Expenditure Limit and How Screwed Will Your School Be on March 1st? ahead of the brinksmanship by Arizona Republicans over public school funding at the time.


These anti-public education Republicans agreed to a one year lifting of the aggregate expenditure limit for public schools, only because they also passed universal school vouchers for private schools, and it was also an election year.

That one year lifting of the aggregate expenditure limit for public schools is fast approaching an end on March 1st. I told you in December that AZ School Districts Demand a Special Session to Fix the Education Aggregate Spending Limit to get ahead of the problem. Anti-public education Republicans, in particular Gov. Doug Ducey, refused because they wanted to hold public education hostage to their ransom demands.

The GQP Arizona Freedom (sic) Caucus in the Arizona legislature, modeled after the House GQP Freedom (sic) Caucus in Congress – more accurately described as the House GQP Fascist Caucus – has sent a ransom note, but it does not appear that they have any clear idea of what their ransom demands are.

Note: The same is occurring with the House GQP Freedom (sic) Caucus in Congress over raising the federal debt ceiling.

Note: Arizona Freedom Caucus Chairman, Jake Hoffman, is one of the fake GQP electors from Arizona and a Coup Plotter co-conspirator. This POS traitor should have been indicted already, not in a position to hold public education funding hostage to GQP ransom demands.

If this is the position that this GQP Fascist Caucus is going to take, it is increasingly likely that Arizona’s public schools will have to cut nearly $1.4 billion out of their budgets, leading to the elimination of classes, furloughing of staff, and even closing schools early before the end of the current academic year.

And who are the actual hostages of the GQP fascists? Not the big, bad teachers unions, or school district administrators or even the Red for Ed activists. Their hostages are Arizona’s public school children – your children – who are too young to vote these GQP fascists out of office. It is up to you to defend your children and future generations by voting these GQP fascists out of office.