The Hypocrisy of Rep. Raul Grijalva — a 76-Year-Old Cancer Patient — to Say President Biden Should Step Down

CD7 Congressman Raul Grijalva

Are there valid concerns about whether President Joe Biden should continue campaigning for re-election? Yesbased on recent reports from media outlets like the New York Times and his recent debate performance.

That said, it is despicable and disgusting to see the piling on against Biden by renowned journalists, Congressmen, and donors who acknowledge President Biden has been a great leader and a President with considerable accomplishments while telling him to get out and not let the door hit you when you exit.

It strains logic and credibility that they say he is a great President who has already demonstrated he can beat the 34-time convicted, twice impeached traitor, and sexual assaulter

One person who represents the height of this hypocrisy is Arizona Congressional District Seven House Member Raul Grijalva, who suggested in reporting from the New York Times:

Grijalva says “get out”

“What he needs to do is shoulder the responsibility for keeping that seat — and part of that responsibility is to get out of this race.”

Grijalva also said he would still support Biden if he stayed in the race. Gee…thanks, Raul.

What makes Grijalva’s comments the height of chutzpah and hypocrisy is he is a 76-year-old man undergoing cancer treatment. Yet he is still running for re-election.

No one in Democratic circles is telling Mr. Grijalva he needs to go.

Based on his own words, should he not “Shoulder the responsibility for keeping that seat — and part of that responsibility is to get out of this race” and let someone younger and healthier run with it.

Again, it is legitimate to question whether Biden can handle the rigors of the presidency for the next four years. Unlike the Republicans, who have no problem with their candidate being a convicted felon, traitor, sexual assaulter, and twice impeached, the members of the Democratic Party are showing that they are not part of a cult about to drink the Fascist’s death knell to American Democracy Kool-Aid.

However, people like Grijalva have made this the political equivalent of sharks seeking blood in the water and not the thoughtful debate it should be.

If President Biden does decide he cannot handle the job (and the interviews and political events this weekend may be telling because the polls certainly are not), he and his team should be given the space and respect to decide on their own.

Also, just remember what is at stake in this election: the only candidate who is unfit to occupy the White House again is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the candidate with 34 convictions to his name.

Donald Trump is the traitor who instigated the January 6, 2021, Domestic Terrorist attack on the Capitol.

Donald Trump is the first President in History to be impeached twice.

Donald Trump has been found liable for sexual assault.

Donald Trump has been found liable for business fraud.

Donald Trump is the first Presidential Candidate to lose the popular vote twice.

Donald Trump has received the endorsement of former KKK head David Duke twice.

Donald Trump set a record for lying while occupying the White House. This trend, which started while he was a candidate, continues to this day.

Donald Trump, because of his botched conduct and management of the Coronavirus, tanked the United States Economy.

Donald Trump is the President who appointed three Supreme Court Justices who took away women’s reproductive freedom and has made all Presidents virtual kings.

Donald Trump brags about being the person who killed Roe v Wade.

Donald Trump is the first President in Modern Times where his own Vice President will not support his re-election.

Donald Trump has been rated among the worst Presidents by our nation’s leading historians. He is ranked worse than Richard Nixon, Andrew Johnson (the first President to be impeached), and James Buchanan, the President who allowed the Civil War to start.

Is this the person that is fit to lead the country?

Do you want this person in charge of the Justice Department apparatus now that the Supreme Court has granted him immunity for official acts? Is this person a role model for your children?

We are in dark and dangerous times if the American People do not wake up and stop this nightmare from seeing daylight.

President Joe Biden

His policies and leadership helped deliver the country from the ravages of the Coronavirus.

His agenda, including the American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, the CHIPS Science Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, Gun Violence Prevention, and the PACT Act to help sick veterans, has elevated the American Economy, steered the nation toward a clean energy economy and created consistent job growth to the tune of just under 16 million jobs (another 206,000 jobs were created in June).

He has championed and fought for basic rights like suffrage and reproductive freedom.

He has set records for the appointment of minority and women judges to the bench.

Unlike his predecessor, he is not looking to be a King uninhibited by the law.

Unlike his predecessor, Biden is near the top of the historical presidential rankings at number 14.

What part of this is hard for any of the American People to understand?

Get out and vote this November 5. The American Ideal and Democracy are at stake.

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10 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Rep. Raul Grijalva — a 76-Year-Old Cancer Patient — to Say President Biden Should Step Down”

  1. I can’t believe all the “But Biden did this….and he has done that…”
    Look, the next four years do not give a rat;s ass about how the last four years went after 50 million people saw a guy step out of the grave and act like a zombie for 90 minutes. Step aside now and Joe Biden is remembered as one of the greatest public policy people of the last 100 years.
    With all due respect David, the true patriots are the ones asking him to step aside. Kamala Harris is the winner by a larger margin than Biden 2020. Trump is not a smart man but even he has shut his flap after this debate. Telling people to ignore the zombie while he soldiers on is not gonna work.

    • Two things Eric. One. Are you actually questioning the patriotism of people who want Biden to stay. Second, if he was such a Zombie, how did he preside over so many achievements that have moved the country forward and lifted people up.

  2. I am no fan of Grijalva but how can you compare the job demands of a congressman with those of a president. Also, how can you say it is ok to question Biden’s cognitive ability but not draw conclusions from it?

    • John. You are pulling a Trump. I did not say people should not draw conclusions from it. I wrote that future events, like the ones this weekend, may be telling. By the way John you still have not answered how you can justify supporting a 34 time convicted, twice impeached. traitor who has been found liable for sexual assault and business fraud. Biden has probably lost a step or two but how can you, with a straight face, prefer the other guy, especially since he damn near destroyed the country with his poor handling of the Coronavirus and attempted coup on January 6. Traitors should go to jail, not given back the keys to the White House.

  3. Being represented by Raul Grivalja has been a pleasure, since getting into Congress he’s been fighting the good fight. That said he is way off the mark suggesting Biden drop out.

  4. Biden was an arrogant p**** when he interviewed Anita Hill.
    Biden was an arrogant p**** when he sought the second term.
    Biden was an arrogant p**** when he dramatically stumbled in public and blamed sleep.
    Note: Biden cannot stand in front of the press; his incompetence will be publicly displayed.

    ANY Democrat would be better.

    God bless Rep. Raul Grijalva for speaking truth to power!

    P.S. My first democratic vote was for Hubert Humphrey in 1968.

  5. Dems have a long history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I support Biden now for the same reason I support(ed) Grijalva on his announcement. A proven track record, pragmatic wisdom and a STRONG TEAM! Call for tRump to resign, not our own guy!

  6. I couldn’t disagree more wholeheartedly. President Biden’s recent poll numbers took a major dip (perhaps you missed this?), and he no longer speaks, looks, or carries himself in a presidential manner. Optics matter.

    I love President Biden but hope he realizes that his final act as president can be the most important thing he does. Pass the baton, Joe. Pass the baton…

    • Sorry Craig. Obama’s first debate performance yielded worse poll results. Learn from history. Michael Dukakis was leading George Bush by close to 20 points in August, 1988 and still lost. Gerald Ford was down 30 and had one of the worst gaffes in Presidential Debate history and still came very close to defeating Jimmy Carter in 1976. Remember also that recent New York Times polling showed Independents gravitating toward Biden based on Trump’s horrible debate performance. Also remember Ronald Reagan’s early stages of senility were caught on live tape with Nancy Reagan feeding him lines to say and his two debate performances in 1984, save one line, were quite horrible. He won a 49 state landslide. Let’s give the man who defeated Donald Trump already by seven million votes and who has ably led us with considerable acconplishments a chance before throwing him out. Even if he is losing a step or two, he is still a better choice than the felon, traitor, and sexual assaulter. Have a nice weekend.


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