The N.B.A. should stick by the Democratic forces in Hong Kong.


The National Basketball Association (playing the role of Judas), in their zeal to reap massive cash infusions (30 pieces of silver) from the Peoples Republic of China, decided to pull a Trumpian overture to the Authoritarian-Communist nation by apologizing for Houston Rocket’s General Manager Daryl Morey’s tweet supporting the Democratic protestors in Hong Kong.

Fortunately, the American Political Class universally condemned the N.B.A.’s actions of catering to a nation with a history of censorship and human repression for financial gain.

The N.B.A. should issue a statement supporting the Democratic protestors in Hong Kong.

They are a sports organization created and based in the United States and they should be obligated to convey the American values of freedom, democracy, and treating everyone with decency.

Making money should not matter more to an American Company created in the freedom of free enterprise in an open society than promoting decency and universal human values.

If the N.B.A. does not remedy the situation, fans should let their executives know that support for their position will be met with protests that may hurt their domestic bottom line.

That is a language that they have demonstrated they understand.

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David Gordon
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  1. Now we have LeBron confusing “freedom” with the word “profit”. I guess he was just “misinformed”. That’s the consequence of not going to college.

  2. The real tragedy is that the Chinese government regime is so afraid of free expression anywhere in the world that challenges their view (East Philippine Sea “sovereignty” nonsense, Tibet, Taiwan, Uighars) they grossly overreact. But if the Chinese government illegally builds up islands in the East Philippine Sea, over 600 miles from the Chinese mainland, somehow you cant mention that either. “Stability and National Sovereignty” are misued by the Chinese government the same way “religious freedom” has been misused here.

  3. The general issue with authoritarian regimes is they hate the truth being told about their anti-democratic or anti-human rights practices. It doesnt matter if it China, Russia, Trump’s America, Turkey or the Philippines, when these guys get caught and called on, they bluster and whine and scream nationalistic slogans to divert the world’s view somewhere else. The NBA has the right inclination on social issues, but if they kowtow to the almighty dollar they lose any cache on human rights.

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