Trump and Schweikert want to cut Entitlements for our Most Vulnerable

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The President of Betrayal” has surprise, surprise, broken another promise to the American People.

In November, Blog for Arizona published a piece titled “Donald Trump: “The President of Betrayal.”

The thrust of the article, based in part of the analysis of Morning Joe panelist Donny Deutsch, was that Mr. Trump should be branded “The President of Betrayal” and Democrats should point out his deception of the American People on betraying his oath of office (Obstruction of Justice during the Mueller Investigation and the two Articles of Impeachment) as well as:

“Kitchen table issues” showing how Individual One betrayed the “American Trust, the National Security, the Constitution, the Presidency, he betrayed us on education….taking our budget back ten percent, he’s gonna betray us on healthcare, he stills wants us to repeal Obamacare,…he’s betrayed you on taxes…..(Trump is) A corrupter, a betrayer, this guy is an extortionist, this guy is a briber, and this affects me because how..he did the same thing he did the same thing to my taxes, he’s doing it to education, he will do it to health care, so take whatever adjective you like, corrupter, betrayer, and thief and bring it back to the issues that matter…”

During his three years in office, Mr. Trump has repeatedly betrayed the American People by breaking promises to them. These include:

  • Saying he will work harder than Obama and not spend the time his predecessor did on the golf course.
  • Making Mexico pay for the border wall.
  • Instituting a large national infrastructure program.
  • Replacing Obamacare with something better and cheaper.
  • Passing tax cuts that will help everybody and pay for themselves.

This week, The Liar in Chief added to the many (16,241 as of January 20, 2020) lies, broken promises, and misleading statements by telling a CNBC journalist while in at the Davos Switzerland World Economic Forum that his Administration would look at ways to cut spending, including entitlements (Social Security and Medicare) to reduce the national debt.

During the campaign, Mr. Trump said he would not touch either entitlement program. He has repeatedly lied on this. His budget for 2020 calls for an $845 million cut to Medicare over ten years.

The 2016 Popular Vote Loser has allies in the House who share the view that entitlements should be on the table for spending cuts.

Ethically and electorally embattled Arizona Congressional District Six Representative David Schweikert, in an interview with the Fountain Hills Times, feels that “entitlement programs are what drive the country’s debt.”

Mr. Schweikert further commented that:

David Schweikert

“Less than 30 percent of spending is discretionary and more than half of that is for defense. [These programs] are promises that were made; I’m optimistic there is a path [to reduce debt].”

Some of the Democrats running for the opportunity to defeat Schweikert this November have condemned his (and Mr. Trumps) plan to cut entitlements.

Anita Malik

2018 Democratic Congressional District Six Democratic Nominee Anita Malik wrote on:

“In a new interview with The Fountain Hills Times, Rep. David Schweikert again blames “entitlements” for our growing debt. He also says he worries impeachment will be the new norm.

1. We can raise the cap & protect Social Security. As for the growing deficit, did he forget about the corporate tax cuts?

2. He’d rather normalize obstruction of justice?

3. He may be a self-proclaimed geek, but his numbers rarely add up.

It’s time for a change.”

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni, the 2018 Democratic Congressional District Eight Nominee, wrote:

“ Like a typical Washington politician, Representative Schweikert voted to increase the debt by $ two trillion in order to help his wealthy and special interest campaign donors save billions. Now he wants to force Arizona seniors to pay for it by cutting Medicare and Social Security. He’s simply wrong, and Arizonans need a Representative who will put their interests first, instead of doing the bidding of large corporations and the wealthiest Americans.”

Both Malik and Tipirneni are right.

Cutting entitlements on the backs of our most vulnerable elderly to reduce the national debt while preserving tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals and corporations that do not need them is the wrong long term strategy in steering the nation’s finances.

This stance, more than impeachment, may resonate with older voters in the battleground Rust Belt States or the retirement communities prevalent in Arizona and Florida.

The political ads create themselves if Democrats take advantage of the gift “The President of Betrayal” and Representatives like David Schweikert have just given to them.

The American People do not deserve to be deceived again.



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