The Star: a wholly owned subsidiary of the McCain campaign

by David Safier

One of the Star's Political Briefs comes straight from a McCain hit piece, and then it has the McCain campaign comment on it as if it came from elsewhere. Do I have to say any more about the Star's policy of pushing McCain's candidacy?

I refuse to link to the piece, because I don't want to give it any extra publicity. But here's some background.

Steve Kozachik, the only Republican Council member in Tucson, made disparaging comments against Glassman — what a surprise! — that were used in a McCain email hit piece. The Star didn't mention the Kozachik slam is part of the McCain campaign, and even got a comment from McCain's campaign about the statement. McCain got his licks in twice, and the Star just ate it up. The reader is none the wiser.

This kind of biased coverage is beneath contempt. It is despicable.

Will Glassman get a free hit against McCain in the Star? In basketball, it's known as a make-up call when a ref realizes he/she called a foul unfairly against one team and tries to balance things out by calling a marginal foul against the other team. But refs only do that when they're trying to call a game fairly.

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