The Trump Constitutional Emergency – Day 60


It’s now been two months since Mueller kicked off this little crisis by turning in his homework of the last two years. We still have not seen the full, unredacted Mueller Report (and it looks increasingly that neither will Congress), nor heard testimony from Mueller himself. That testimony seems destined to be the next locus of crisis between Presidency and Congress.

On the impeachment issue, most of the Democratic Judiciary members are now ready to open an impeachment inquiry. A Republican has come out in favor of impeachment. Many members have expressed their frustration and concern that the Trump Administration is stonewalling any Congressional oversight, and that itself might drive Democrats to opening an impeachment inquiry. I would guess that the opening of an impeachment inquiry is now imminent. Rumours are that the Democrats plan to get their courage up with a resolution by the whole House that opening the inquiry is wanted.

The President got the first of what I dearly hope are many sharp rebukes from the Federal Courts; Trump got a 41 page opinion as to why the Congress DOES have the power to investigate his crimes (and they don’t really even need much basis to do it). So, the Court’s have taken their measure of the President and found him silly. Some think the Administration has more depth to its failing strategy.

I’m starting to feel that the Constitutional design may hold against a lawless President, much to my surprise. Our Constitution has been stress-tested for more than a century throughout Latin America and been found brittle to assaults by the Executive Branch, especially because of the unfortunate combination of civilian head of state and head of the military. I feel we’ve gotten very lucky that America’s first wanna-be dictator is such a mentally limited, unimaginative, plodding, thick, moron. However, if Trump turns to the military for diversion and entertainment, all bets are off. Trump will quickly learn that war is a force that gives us meaning