The Trump death cult descends into madness


About those phone calls that Donald Trump makes to his puppet master Putin. Russian Intelligence Agencies Push Disinformation on Pandemic:

Russian military intelligence, known as the G.R.U., has used its ties with a Russian government information center, InfoRos, and other websites to push out English-language disinformation and propaganda about the pandemic, such as amplifying false Chinese arguments that the virus was created by the United States military and articles that said Russia’s medical assistance could bring a new détente with Washington.

The disinformation efforts are a refinement of what Russia tried to do in 2016. The fake social media accounts and bots used by the Internet Research Agency and other Russia-backed groups to amplify false articles have proved relatively easy to stamp out. But it is far more difficult to stop the dissemination of such articles that appear on websites that seem legitimate, according to outside experts.

“Russian intelligence agencies are taking a more central role in disinformation efforts that Russia is pushing now,” said Laura Rosenberger, the director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy. “It is not the blunt force” of the operations mounted by the Internet Research Agency.

This Russian disinformation and propaganda is, once again, being amplified by the conservative media entertainment complex and Putin’s puppet, Donald Trump.

The latest scandal comes via the Koch brothers’ Freedomworks front group, Tea Party Patriots:

America’s Frontline Doctors video

On July 27, 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tea Party Patriots hosted and funded a press conference in Washington, D.C. in front of the Supreme Court Building, by a group who referred to themselves as “America’s Frontline Doctors.” The group of doctors promoted – without evidence – that Hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax, and Zinc could be used as a “cure” for COVID-19 (there is no drug approved by the FDA or WHO to cure COVID-19). As such, they argued that public health measures designed to reduce the spread of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) — such as business and school closures, and mandating the wearing of face masks in public spaces — was unnecessary. One of the speakers – Stella Immanuel – cited anecdotal evidence that the combination had allegedly been used to treat 350 patients, and referred to doctors refusing to use hydroxychloroquine as being “good nazis.” They also accused “fake pharma companies” of publishing studies that found hydroxychloroquine to be ineffective against COVID-19.

The event was live streamed by the far-right website Breitbart News, and video of the event was shared on social media platforms such as Facebook groups (including those dedicated to anti-vaccination and conspiracy movements) and on Twitter — where President Donald Trump (who has also promoted the drugs) and his son Donald Trump Jr. both shared versions of the video.

Oliver Darcy, senior media reporter for CNN reported:

The Breitbart video was viewed at least 14 million views in 6 hours, per New York Times reporter Kevin Roose. The coronavirus disinformation video “Plandemic” got fewer than 8 million views over several days. The conservative Sinclair Broadcasting network was set to air an interview on its “America This Week” program in which conspiracy theorist Judy Mikovits discusses her claims in Plandemic with correspondent Eric Bolling. Sinclair later decided the segment was “not appropriate” to air, only after public opposition. Sinclair Broadcasting says it won’t air conspiracy theory segment claiming Fauci created COVID-19.

The Breitbart video was yanked by Facebook for pushing “false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19.” YouTube and Twitter also pulled the video. Trump Retweets COVID-19 Video Yanked By Social Media For Pushing Fake Cure:

The clip, which was originally posted by the right-wing news site Breitbart, featured four people who identified themselves as doctors speaking in front of the Supreme Court building. One was Stella Immanuel, who claims to be a physician in Houston, and said hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug often touted by Trump, was a cure for COVID-19.

A number of scientific studies have determined that the drug was not only ineffective against the novel coronavirus but that it could cause fatal heart arrhythmia. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at this time, there is no drug or therapy presently approved by the Food and Drug Administration to prevent or treat COVID-19.

Immanuel also said that people do not need to wear face masks and attacked “fake doctors” who “sound like a computer.” To avoid contracting coronavirus, the CDC advises wearing a face mask, limiting face-to-face contact with others and wearing gloves when cleaning and disinfecting or providing care for the sick.

Immanuel has an unusual background for a self-proclaimed COVID-19 expert. Information about her medical background is limited; however, she does serve as the head of Fire Power Ministries, which appears to be located in a Houston strip mall and promotes a baptism of fire program that offers “miracles, healings and deliverance.”

On Monday night, Immanuel threatened Facebook with God’s wrath.

“If my page is not back up face book will be down in Jesus name,” she tweeted.

In addition, Trump retweeted a post that quotes a Dr. Lee Vliet who claims infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci “misled the American public.”

The original tweet was posted by “War Room: Pandemic,” a radio show and podcast hosted by Trump’s former White House strategist Steve Bannon.

Trump retweeted more than a dozen posts on Monday evening that plugged hydroxychloroquine, Mediaite reported. His personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, also posted inaccurate information about the coronavirus.

Donald Trump is undermining his own administration’s medical experts. He is literally killing his own cult followers with dangerous disinformation.

Twitter penalized Donald Trump Jr. for posting hydroxychloroquine misinformation amid coronavirus pandemic, but not the Twitter-troll-in-chief:

Twitter on Tuesday penalized Donald Trump Jr. for posting misinformation about hydroxychloroquine, the social media giant said, underlining the tough stance it has taken in policing misleading posts from high-profile users, including President Trump, in recent months.

Twitter said that it ordered the president’s son to delete the misleading tweet and that it would “limit some account functionality for 12 hours.” Trump Jr. can still direct-message followers using his account, but he cannot tweet, retweet or like other tweets during the 12-hour restriction.

Trump Jr.’s deleted tweet now shows a notice that says, “This Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.”

That contrasts with his father, who retweeted multiple tweets from others showing clips of the same video to his 84.2 million followers Monday night.

Twitter removed the videos, deleting several of the tweets that President Trump shared, and added a note to its trending topics warning about the potential risks of hydroxychloroquine use.

* * *

Donald Trump Jr. spokesman Andy Surabian said the restriction was “further proof that Big Tech is intent on killing free expression online and is another instance of them committing election interference to stifle Republican voices.” The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

It is the first time Trump Jr. has had his tweeting privileges removed by the company.

Junior was defended by his fellow Proud Boy and host of “White Power Hour” on Fox News aka Trump TV. Tucker Carlson Rallies to Demon Sperm Doc’s Defense:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson continued his contrarian stance on the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday night, defending a viral video of fringe doctors peddling COVID-19 falsehoods and claiming the group was only attacked because they criticized the “sainted” Dr. Anthony Fauci.

It’s all a conspiracy by social media platforms, Dr. Fauci and Democrats to hurt Donald Trump’s chances of reelection.” Always with a conspiracy theory. Always.

Junior was also defended by Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli “Chemtrails” Ward who had her Twitter account temporarily suspended for sharing this disinformation video as well. She also parroted Junior’s nonsense that social media companies are “committing election interference to stifle Republican voices.” Twitter limits Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward’s account for spreading COVID-19 misinformation. Think much for yourself, do you doctor?

At his press conference on Tuesday, the Twitter-troll-in-chief said:

“There was a group of doctors yesterday, a large group, that were put on the internet and for some reason the internet wanted to take them down and took them off,” he said. “…I don’t know why, I think they’re very respected doctors.” He added of Twitter, Facebook and other companies that removed the video, “maybe they had a good reason, maybe they didn’t, I dont know.”

President Trump has not faced the same tweeting lockout, but Twitter has attached warning labels to five of his tweets in the past two months for running up against the site’s rules.

True dat!

The through-line here runs from Russian intelligence disinformation, to the Koch brother’s Tea Party Patriots, to Breitbart News and its former editor Steve Bannon, then it is picked up by Donald Trump and his idiot son on social media platforms, and looped back around to Proud Boy Tucker Carlson at Fox News aka Trump TV. This is the latest example of Epistemic closure and the ‘conservative misinformation feedback loop’ media bubble.

The Trump death cult has descended into madness and is literally trying to kill its own cult followers with dangerous disinformation.

The Daily Beast introduces you to this Houston “demon sperm” doctor that Donald Trump and his idiot son says is someone who needs to be heard. Trump’s New Favorite COVID Doctor Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm, and Hydroxychloroquine:

A Houston doctor who praises hydroxychloroquine and says that face masks aren’t necessary to stop transmission of the highly contagious coronavirus has become a star on the right-wing internet, garnering tens of millions of views on Facebook on Monday alone. Donald Trump Jr. declared the video of Stella Immanuel a “must watch,” while Donald Trump himself retweeted the video.

Before Trump and his supporters embrace Immanuel’s medical expertise, though, they should consider other medical claims Immanuel has made—including those about alien DNA and the physical effects of having sex with witches and demons in your dreams.

Immanuel, a pediatrician and a religious minister, has a history of making bizarre claims about medical topics and other issues. She has often claimed that gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches.

She alleges alien DNA is currently used in medical treatments, and that scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious. And, despite appearing in Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress on Monday, she has said that the government is run in part not by humans but by “reptilians” and other aliens.

This is to whom Trump says Americans should listen? (Read the full Daily Beast article).

President Inject Bleach has returned to giving the American people dangerous medical advice about hydroxychloroquine that could kill them (you just know that he is making a profit from this drug somehow). Trump Tells The American People That Hydroxychloroquine Won’t Hurt Them: Trump wrecked his virus briefing by telling the American people that Hydroxychloroquine won’t hurt them and it works for treating coronavirus.

No, it does not. As the Associated Press reports, Trump defends disproved COVID-19 treatment:

Many high-quality studies have found no evidence that hydroxychloroquine, when used with or without the antibiotic azithromycin, as touted many times by Trump, helps treat coronavirus infection or prevent serious disease from it. They include studies commissioned by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization and universities in the U.S. and around the world.

Because of the lack of benefit and the risks of serious side effects such as heart rhythm problems, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently revoked its brief authorization of emergency use of the drug for COVID-19. NIH treatment guidelines also specifically recommend against hydroxychloroquine’s use, except in formal studies.

DO NOT LISTEN to this evil man! He is literally trying to kill you!

We have a madman in the White House, will no one stop him?


  1. Dr. Stella Immanuel says that lizard people rule the world, that you get diseases from having sex with demons in your dreams, and that’s the scratching the surface of her brand of crazy.

    The President of the United States recommends Dr. Stella Immanuel.

    The President of the United States.

    The Leader of the Free World.

    The Most Powerful Man in the History of the World.

    The man with the Nuclear Football following him around.

    The leader of one of America’s two largest political parties.

    There are jokes to be made about needing a young priest and an old priest, about garlic and crucifixes, about needing a pair of those special Rowdy Roddy Piper sunglasses.

    But I got nothing.

    We knew Trump was dangerous, we knew he’d profit from the office, he’d lie and steal.

    But lizard people? Alien DNA? Demon sperm?

    There’s so much to mock but it’s not funny it’s just so, so sad.

    I mean on your knees cry for America level sad.

    I’ve been trying not to hate the GOP and Trump voters.

    I’m not going to try anymore.

    • The good Doctor got it wrong. Talking about her and today’s Republicans, the incomparable Charles Pierce puts it “These really are the fcking mole people”.

      The only way the nation can be happy again is to vote them & their enablers, including enabling “moderate” (actually conservative) Democrats out. Speaking of which I mailed my ballot in on Monday.

      • Here’s the latest Tweet from Trump’s new favorite doctor;

        Stella Immanuel MD

        Yes America! some need deliverance from demon sperm. Here’s the message, enjoy. There is saying in my village in Cameroon. ‘Nyangha de sleep trouble come wake am’. #CNN #MSNBC let’s play.

        Deliverance From Spirit Husbands and Spirit Wives (Incubus and…
        Deliverance From Spirit Husbands and Spirit Wives (Incubus and Succubus) These are demons the lust men and women and sleep with them in the dream.

        6:03 AM · Jul 29, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

        Notice she hashtag’s the media. She’s grifting against Satan, I guess?

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