The Wisconsin protest pizza connection

by David Safier

Ian_s_pizza This is one of those great stories. Ian's Pizza in Madison, Wisconsin, decided to send some pizza over to the hungry protesters. When the word got out nationally, people began calling from all over the country and all over the world, paying for orders to keep Ian's Pizza for Protesters efforts going. The blackboard at right shows where they have gotten orders from.

Apparently all they have been doing lately is feeding the pro-labor people at the capitol. Too busy for anything else.

A generous gesture leads to a pizza-buying bonanza which leads to contented protesters being fed and appreciated for their efforts. Win, win, win.

From Ian's Facebook page:

Call us at 608-257-9248, then press 1. As we have just three phone lines it may take a while to get through, and we apologize in advance for that.

For online ordering we have partnered with both and to process our online orders. If you would like to order online, please put 115 State Street as the delivery address, and add in the notes that you would like to help feed the protesters.

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