The late great comedian Robin Williams once did a skit at one of his comic stage performances about the French. Please see the clip below.


In the clip, Williams imitates a French person glorifying their testing atomic bombs in Tahiti, allowing babies to smoke, and telling Americans to “F— You and we hate all of you.” Williams then pauses and says, in his natural voice, “The Germans are here.” He then resumes his French accent, saying “Hello Americans. I love you… Welcome back Americans…”

Recent actions by Texas Republicans suggest an update is needed to the lateĀ  Williams skit.

These individuals, including Representative Michael McCall and Senator Ted People hit by Hurricane Sandy, can go to HellĀ  Cruz, want the federal government to bail out the state with federal dollars to cover all the damages from the winter storm that hit that state and others last week.

When I saw McCall on CNN this morning making the case for a federal bailout, I immediately remembered the Williams skit and thought of how French can be substituted by Texans and Americans by Federal Government.

Instead of the French testing atomic bombs in Tahiti and allowing babies to smoke, one can substitute Texans not weatherizing their energy sector and glorifying free enterprise to regulate it.

Instead of saying “F– You and we hate all of you” to Americans. one can substitute the words Federal Government for Americans.

Instead of saying the “The Germans are here,” one can instead say “We need lots of money to pay or all the winter storm damages caused by the power going out because of our neglect.”

You can then finish with “Hello Federal Government. I love you. Welcome back Feds.”

Texas Republican incompetence and adherence to reactionary dogma caused the mess all Texans are in today.

That is not to say that the people in Texas should not be helped by the national government.

Of course, they should. The federal government has a responsibility to help all Americans victimized by a disaster.

So do other activist and philanthropic groups.

Many thanks should go to people like New York House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who journeyed to Texas to help people in need and raise millions to assist them further.

Ted I’m flying to Cancun to get out of the cold Cruz could take a lesson or two in public service from AOC.

People, especially those voters in Texas should not forget that it was their Republican leader’s world view favoring free enterprise in the energy sector over regulation and preparedness that helped created the hardships and fatalities in some cases that Texans have had to endure for the last week.

They should be held responsible at the ballot box when they run again for election in 2022 and 2024.