Joe Biden accepted his party’s nomination for the Presidency on August 20, 2020.


In a powerful speech that framed the 2020 contest as a historic mission for the “soul of America” pitting “Light versus the Dark, Hope versus Fear, Love versus Hate, Unity versus Divison, and Facts versus Fiction,” Biden pledged to be a “President for all Americans” and to govern according to a strong character, compassion and decency towards others, relying on facts, and upholding the American Democratic System.

Biden called Trump an Unforgivable Failure

During his address, the Democratic Presidential Nominee called Donald Trump (without saying his name) an “unforgivable failure” for his handling of the Coronavirus which has infected over five million American citizens and needlessly claimed over 170,000 lives.

Biden also criticized Trump for his:

  • mishandling of the economy.
  • assault on the Affordable Care Act.
  • attack on the International order.
  • not standing up to dictators like Putin who put bounties on American soldiers and interfere in American elections.
  • dividing the country along cultural and racial lines.
  • subverting our Democracy and ignoring reality.
  • works for himself, not the American People.

Biden outlines his Build Back Better Plans for a Generous, Strong, Selfless, and Humble America.

To all the people that lost loved ones during the pandemic, he suggested that they find purpose and asked their help in:

  • “opening the doors of opportunity to all Americans.”
  • “saving our democracy.”
  • “being a light to the world once again.”

Promising to work for a more “generous, strong, selfless, and humble America,” Biden outlined his plans for Build Back Better in an economic plan that “is all about jobs, dignity, respect, and community.”

This plan includes:

  • an actual national plan to combat the Coronavirus that follows the advice of scientific experts.
  • an infrastructure plan.
  • building on the Affordable Care Act.
  • modernizing worker training.
  • making college affordable and not debt crushing.
  • combatting climate change by creating millions of high paying clean energy jobs.
  • reforming the tax code to reward work instead of wealth.
  • protecting Social Security and Medicare.

Bidens discusses the “Possibilities” that would make a better America

After discussing the importance of family and upbringing that was important to both him and Vice President Nominee Senator Kamala Harris, Biden talked about the possibilities this time in America represents, saying after quoting the daughter of George Floyd:

“America’s history tells us that it has been in our darkest moments that we’ve made our greatest progress. That we’ve found the light. And in this dark moment, I believe we are poised to make great progress again. That we can find the light once more.”

“I have always believed you can define America in one word: Possibilities.”

“That in America, everyone, and I mean everyone, should be given the opportunity to go as far as their dreams and God-given ability will take them.”

The Presidential Nominee then called the American People to action, asking:

“…In times as challenging as these, I believe there is only one way forward. As a united America. United in our pursuit of a more perfect Union. United in our dreams of a better future for us and for our children. United in our determination to make the coming years bright.”

“Are we ready? I believe we are. This is a great nation. And we are a good and decent people. This is the United States of America.”

After quoting a poem from Seamus Heaney, Biden concluded his address, saying:

“This is our moment to make hope and history rhyme. With passion and purpose, let us begin — you and I together, one nation, under God — united in our love for America and united in our love for each other. For love is more powerful than hate.
Hope is more powerful than fear. Light is more powerful than dark. This is our moment. This is our mission. May history be able to say that the end of this chapter of American darkness began here tonight as love and hope and light joined in the battle for the soul of the nation. And this is a battle that we, together, will win.
I promise you.”

It is up to you, the voter now,  to decide which path the country will take this November: the light or the dark.

Make the right choice.

Please click here to read the full transcript of Joe Biden’s acceptance speech.

Please remember:

  • The General Election Day is on November 3. 2020. Please see the below graphic for all-important voting dates. 
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  • Also, please remember to stay informed on all the candidates and vote for all the offices on the ballot.
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