Nearly four years ago, back when most didn’t know Thucky’s true identity, I had to place him on double secret probation. That occurred because Thucky was playing it fast and loose with his “facts.” But it was mostly in jest, because I knew the world would want to know who our friend Thucky was.

Well, he’s returned to old form, and this time his double secret probation is not a joke. We all know the carnival barker behind the curtain. There’s no need to play along any further.

Here’s what ole Thuckarooskie tried to pass off as fact in a comment:

Compare that 10% to the crushing burden you all advocate on small business women. 39.6% federal, 12.4% social security, 2.4% medicare, 5% state and 8% sales tax = 67.4%. Not enough left to drive business growth.

There’s not a grain of truth in those two sentences.

I’m going to give Thucky one week to identify each and every element of intellectual dishonesty in those two sentences, and apologize for them, in a comment to this post. Should he fail to do so, he’s outta here. 

My feeling here is that Thucky can post here if he does so honestly. But we can’t have him using this site to spread his right-wing propaganda. If he wants to do that, he needs to start his own site. I’m sure he’ll attract millions of readers.