Time to ‘Un-Elect’ Supreme Court Justices Bolick and King… and Montgomery, Lopez, and Beene!

Progress Arizona has launched a campaign to NOT RETAIN Arizona Supreme Court Justices Bolick and King for their judicial performance review by voters this November. It’s time to clean the Court of justices who vote to take away the rights of our citizens.

I generally do not feel that policy disagreements would merit non-retention, but this case is such an egregious violation of the rights of Arizona’s citizens that I believe it merits such a reaction by Arizona’s voters to mark a clear line: we will not tolerate arbitrary and capricious ideological destruction of our civil and human rights, even if those violations masquerade as ‘judicial philosophy’.

The four Justices – Bolick, King, Lopez and Beene – who voted to allow a bigoted, sexist, outdated law championed and passed through the territorial legislature by a pedophile to become the law of Arizona in 2024 richly deserve to be harshly and terminally disciplined by Arizona’s citizens. We also know that Justice Montgomery is an anti-woman and anti-abortion activist who has no business serving on our state’s highest court, despite the fact that he felt compelled to do the right thing in this case and recuse himself.

Sign up to pledge your vote AGAINST retention of Bolick and King today: I did. And I will again when Justices Lopez, Beene, and Montgomery are up for retention in coming years.

3 thoughts on “Time to ‘Un-Elect’ Supreme Court Justices Bolick and King… and Montgomery, Lopez, and Beene!”

  1. I’m glad this is being addressed now. It will take time and effort to educate voters of the importance of voting down ballot. Look to “Turkey Neck” Horne as a cautionary tale. AZ should have an option to vote for all D in one swell foop.

  2. This is the real value of Blog For Arizona.

    Most people have a million things on their plate, we can’t all know everything about everything, and I’ll bet the judges section of most ballots is left blank.

    They have so much power and so little is known about them outside legal circles.

    I have traded emails with Montgomery and can confirm first hand that he’s an idiot. He put law enforcement in danger with his iPhone ban in his previous job and did not understand the issue beyond he thought it made him look good politically.

    A judge with poor judgement. FFS.

    Big thanks for this and for covering local and state issues the local corporate media ignores.


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