Tom Horne — Scumbag


Posted by Bob Lord

I'll be on KPHX 1480 this afternoon at 4:00 to talk about Tom Horne's saga, but if you're looking for great in-depth coverage of Horne, check out Steve Lemmons' piece in today's New Times. It's a great example of what investigative reporting is supposed to be all about.


  1. Steve Lemons is the finest investigative journalist in the state. It was because of his efforts to uncover the story of Horne Dog giving his girlfriend a six-figure job at the AG’s office, which she still has and for which her credentials are highly questionable, that the Horne Dog shot himself in the foot. He ordered an AG’s office investigator to find out who was leaking info about his mistress to Lemons, and along the way she uncovered evidence of illegal campaign activities on the part of Horne.

    Don’t forget, it was Lemons who doggedly pursued and broke the story of Russell Pearce’s sham candidate, Olivia Cortes. Lemons is a treasure and is easily the best writer in Arizona journalism.