Tony Snow Will Be White House’s Lying Propaganda Hack


9diamondsEveryone says Tony Snow is getting a new job. He is said to be switching from Fox News to the White House Press Secretary. But that’s not changing employers so much as just changing cubicles. Same bullshit, different podium.

Now that Scott McClellan has squandered all his available credibility fronting for the Bush White House, a new propagandist has been chosen for sacrificial immoliation to propitiate the press. The successful applicant, Tony Snow, was the one who had the least to lose – having already prostituted himself on Faux News and left a trail of lies and mendacity behind him.

So, the White House chose the man they knew has no ethics to compromise and no reputation to lose. They don’t have to break him in, he’s a willing and proven liar and smear artist.

The Administration is hoping that the media will treat Snow as one of their own and be more sympathic to the pathetic skein of lies Snow will be required to weave. Their hopes are misplaced: the press will smell blood at this change and be emboldened by having one of the their own who can be assumed to know the score to beat on. There will be no pity factor with Snow, which kept McClellan relatively safe for so long. Instead, the press will assume that Snow should be able to take anything they dish out.

My prediction: Snow won’t last past the mid-term elections.