Trump Lawyer Evan Corcoran Testifies To Special Counsel’s Criminal Grand Jury In Classified Documents Case

Update to Trump Seeks A Stay Of Order For His Attorney To Testify To Special Counsel’s Criminal Grand Jury – Denied! (Updated).

Evan Corcoran, Donald Trump’s primary defense attorney, appeared Friday before a federal grand jury in Washington, where he was expected to answer questions in the classified documents probe, and would not assert his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination (indicating that he does not believe that he is a target of the Special Counsel’s investigation).

CNN reports, Trump attorney appears before grand jury in Mar-a-Lago classified documents probe:

Corcoran’s appearance before the grand jury has the potential to make or break the special counsel’s investigation into the handling of classified records at Mar-a-Lago and possible obstruction of justice when the federal government tried to get the documents back.

Corcoran has been told by the federal court he cannot withhold information any longer about communications he had with Trump, his client, leading up to the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago last summer. He was also ordered earlier this week to turn over notes he had considered to be his written work as an attorney in the probe [and trascripts of recorded phone calls]. Corcoran would have had a window into many of the moments where Trump and his team were responding to the federal government’s efforts to get classified documents back.

Prosecutors have made clear in court proceedings that are still under seal that they believe Trump tried to use Corcoran to advance a crime. [An unwitting dupe].

When Corcoran first testified to the grand jury in January, he was asked about what happened in the lead up to the August search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. But he declined to answer, prompting the prosecutors to take the unusual step to fight in court to force him to respond.

Prosecutors now want to ask Corcoran about his interactions with Trump regarding a May subpoena and subsequent search for classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. They also want to know about the statement Corcoran crafted in June 2022 – which claimed a “diligent search” had been conducted of boxes moved from the White House to Florida – and a June call between Trump and Corcoran that took place the same day the Trump Organization was subpoenaed for surveillance footage of Mar-a-Lago, according to a person familiar with the matter. The surveillance footage ultimately showed boxes being moved out of a storage room within the resort, which a witness later said happened at Trump’s direction.

That June statement, which also said all classified documents had been returned, included the signature of attorney Christina Bobb, who added the caveat, “to the best of my knowledge.”

Later that summer, the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago and found hundreds of government records, including classified material, raising questions about the lawyer’s attestation.

Corcoran’s second visit to the grand jury Friday comes well into the year-long criminal investigation around the classified records Trump kept.

Months ago other close advisers to Trump were brought in to testify, and more than two dozen aides and staff around Mar-a-Lago have been subpoenaed to the grand jury, CNN has reported.

Even on Thursday, the grand jury investigating the Mar-a-Lago documents was pressing forward hearing from an unknown witness. Special counsel’s office prosecutors have been demanding others testify as well, now often unwilling to give deadline extensions, according to multiple sources familiar with the probe.